Josh Duggar Claims Police Hurt Him Too…Seeks to Join Sisters Lawsuit!

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Here we go again! So, as it stands at this current time, Josh is now requesting that the police report and/or his sister’s lawyer release everything they have on Josh regarding the case against him after he molested 5 teens years ago. That must consist of one huge pile of paperwork on the oldest Duggar male sibling.


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Josh Duggar Claims Police Hurt Him Too...Seeks to Join Sisters Lawsuit! Read Court documents here.


Apparently, Josh decided he wanted to be added to his sisters lawsuit, which all 4 siblings were involved in – namely, Jessa, Jill, Joy and Jinger – the ladies filed the suit against their big bro in May. In the documentation, Josh is claiming that the law enforcement officers told him that the interview from 2006 in which he gave details regarding his sister’s case about the molestation accusations against him would never be released to the public! Josh has stated numerous times that no charges were brought against him – if they had, everyone in the world would have seen the ugly story….that is IF the so called docs were never leaked and sent to “InTouch” – the famed online magazine.


Poor “me” syndrome, as Josh is now stating that after the horrific story was published, he suffered from severe mental issues and was totally humiliated. What the hell does he expect?! Well, knowing Josh and the way he thinks, perhaps he thought it best to act like a kid and stated “victimized and forced to relieve the painful and difficult circumstances of a traumatic experience as a juvenile.” Is he for real?! Yikes… a man Josh and own up to what you did. The writing’s on the wall.


Well, after doing the best he could by pleading mercy in his own defense regarding the allegations in those reports, once again, he tried to cry wolf by stating that if his own sisters could do it, basically so could he… the big man himself, has decided to seek damages of his own from law enforcement, which also includes prosecutors from both the city, along with those in the county of Springdale, located in the state of Arkansas – and let’s not forget about those publishers from “InTouch.” Tabloid magazines get sued all the time but this isn’t the case. My feeling is that Josh is trying to make a quick buck since he desperately needs the money.


Do y’all think that Josh will get those docs and if so, what will he do with them?! Stay tuned folks.


Written by: Renee Barbee

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