Josh and Anna Duggar Social Media Silent Regarding Anna’s Due Date…ETA is This Fall!

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Josh and Anna Duggar Social Media Silent Regarding Anna's Due Date...ETA is This Fall!

If you don’t already know by now, allow us to be the first to tell you that Anna, Josh Duggar’s wife, is once again pregnant and the parents are very excited, as they await the birth of their fifth child.   That’s right, Josh and Anna have four other children all under the age of 15. Anna is in her third trimester so the excitement continues to build, however neither Anna or Josh has posted any new information on social media.

Josh and his wife Anna revealed they were expecting a boy in March of this year.  However, in the last four months, not one single post giving their fans a clue as to when Anna will be giving birth has been posted. Nor, have they given a statement indicating how far into her pregnancy she actually is.

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Josh and Anna Duggar Social Media Silent Regarding Anna's Due Date...ETA is This Fall!

Because of that, fans are playing a guessing game as to when their baby will be born. The Duggar’s are well known for keeping their fans apprised of anything major going on, but since they haven’t seen anything about Anna in quite a long time, as to when her fifth child will be born, fans became very anxious.


“All we know is she was between 18-20 weeks in March when announced as we knew gender,” Melissa Adrian wrote in the comment section. “More likely she is due August some time. Even if only 16 weeks when announced, she would be almost eight months now.”

Jim Bob and his wife, Michelle, pulled a fast one and invited all four of their grandchildren over to help Anna.  The kids have been over many times in the last few months. Meredith, who is the baby of the family, spends a lot of time at her grandparents’ house-just chilling with all of her Aunties and, of course, her many Uncles – all of whom are only a few years apart from little Meredith. And, of course, during certain times of the week and/or month, Josh and Anna’s oldest daughter also spends time with her cousins, who are there at the same time she is – all of whom are exactly the same age.

Take a look at this photo below of Josh and Anna’s daughter, who appears to be having a wonderful time at grandma and grandpa’s house!

There hasn’t been any news from Josh Duggar himself – most likely due to the horrendous scandals that caused his families’ first ever reality TV series, “19 Kids and Counting” to end up in the can. Which, by the way, means, the show was cancelled. No updates on his wife, Anna, their four kids or any signs of what his family has been up to, especially on Twitter. Anna has chosen not to get involved.

So don’t expect to see any posts about Josh’s “dirty laundry” on social media, however, what mother can resist posting “happy birthday” photos from her baby boy’s party?! Certainly not Anna Duggar – nope, she and Josh celebrated their little guy’s fourth birthday by hosting a party, as most young parents do, and yes – she did post some pictures on her Twitter site – however, other than her son’s big day, Anna hasn’t posted one single photo on social media since 2015. It took her two full years to get the courage to do so.

Stay tuned Duggar fans for the big moment, when Josh and Anna finally announce the due date of their fifth child!

Written by Renee Barbee

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