Joseph Duggar & Kendra Caldwell Move Wedding Date To Allow Time For More Gifts!

Joseph Duggar & Kendra Caldwell Move Wedding Date To Allow Time For More Gifts!

To some fans, this isn’t “breaking news” however, to others, this is a major news update – as it appears that Joseph and his fiancé Kendra have decided to choose another date for their wedding. And, as most couples preparing to get married are well aware, one revision leads to many more – and in this case, they had to revise the “wedding registry” that was already set in place – and why you might ask?! Well, it seems as if this happy couple would rather receive dozens of wedding gifts in the form of “money-cards” – along with making sure their guests completely understand that the cards will never be used to make purchases at any type of “Goodwill” store which accepts gift cards for purchases of clothing. Nope! Joseph’s bride to be has no intention of carrying on another tradition set forth by the Duggar family. Hmm! That sure does explain why we keep seeing the younger siblings wearing 2nd hand clothes.

As was reported and published in “Brides” magazine, Joseph, who is 22 years old, and of course, his lovely fiancé, Kendra Caldwell, who is 3 years younger than her handsome prince, at the age of 19, created their personal gift registry online via “Amazon” and their estimated date for the wedding is also listed on that same site. From an earlier report, which was published by the online magazine, “Inquisitr,” the original date was the 8th of September of this year, and, of course, that same date was also noted on the couple’s registry, however, something came up and they were forced to log on line and revise the date to almost one month later – this time, the new date of their wedding is supposedly taking place on Saturday, the 7th of October, and yes, it’s still planned for this year. Are they trying to pull the same surprise that Joy-Anna and Austin did or maybe something else is taking place on the date they had originally set for their big day?! Either way, the anticipation is building, as we get closer to their special day. You just never know with the Duggars.

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Joseph Duggar & Kendra Caldwell Move Wedding Date To Allow Time For More Gifts!

After Joseph and Kendra had gained access to their personal account on “” to revise their wedding date so the registry they created would reflect the proper information, they both agreed that they needed some more items, which they happily added to their very special “bride” and “groom” wishing well list of gifts, for lack of a better word. Most couples who are engaged to be married select a variety of items, just in case someone in their family wants to go all out – however, in this case, the bride and groom to be, had already chosen all of the items they wished to receive from their many guests – which listed gift cards that amounted to over $1,500 in value – with a huge variety of cards so they could dine at fine restaurants during their honeymoon. Nothing unusual about that, especially for a Duggar sibling who is about to tie the knot. Wedding registries allow the couple to choose from hundreds of different items and gift cards are in high demand. Who wants to cook right after you get married?! Take for example, Jill, then Jessa and, last but not least, Joy-Anna – all of whom made sure that their registry list also included several gift cards to various restaurants so they could eat out whenever they felt like it, especially during their honeymoon and starting a brand new life with their spouses; and, let’s not forget about Jill and Jessa’s young children – we all know that kids love to eat out.

As it turns out, Joseph and his bride to be, Kendra Caldwell also made the big decision to request some nice duds as wedding gifts – after all, they want to look their Sunday best when they go out for “date-nights” to restaurants such as the “Red Lobster” – “Texas Roadhouse” – and, of course the famous “down-under” – “Outback Steakhouse.” Yummy! Now that’s some good grub.

The Duggars’ favorite phrase “buy used, save the difference,” explains a lot about this family – in other words, Joseph, along with his brothers and sisters know all about the fashions from “thrift stores” as they all grew up wearing outfits that used to belong to other people, thus the phrase, “second hand or thrift store” but Joseph isn’t going to begin his new life that way – they certainly don’t have any plans to fill their bedroom closet with a bunch of levy’s and long dresses or skirts once they become man and wife. I nearly fell off my chair laughing at this one. Joseph and Kendra decided to request that each of their guests give them a gift card, valued at $500 to any of the following stores: Express, The Gap, Eddie Bauer, Banana Republic, Eagle Outfitters, and the Old Navy store, among others. Yikes! Are they serious?! Keep in mind that these were not “wish list” items. They actually requested one of these gift cards from each of their guests.  Does that mean whether they attend or not?! Oh, and all you Duggar fans out there,  if you were invited to the wedding and didn’t get the memo, Kendra would really like your help by actually buying her at least 2 of the gift cards, which are also listed on their registry.  That’s 2 at $20 each for the retail store called Claire’s, which sells jewelry for young women. You know that she will need some new earrings and maybe a necklace and, perhaps a dangling bracelet to go with her new wardrobe. Oh, and one more thing – she would also like someone to buy at least $100 worth of “Ulta” gift cards, a store which sells products such as makeup, body wash, and various other items for your skin.

There was at least one very strange item that Joseph and his fiancé, Kendra also included on their registry list – something called a “bug zapper” which sells for $50. The zapper comes with a kayak which sells for $95, one candle that smells like pineapple mixed with cilantro, which sells for a retail price of $16, and 5 packages of socks that athletes normally wear, which sells for $10 per pack so that’s another $50 bucks. That’s one hell of an expensive gift to buy.

Joseph Duggar & Kendra Caldwell Move Wedding Date To Allow Time For More Gifts!

Joseph asked Kendra to marry him nearly a couple of months ago now.  Friday, the 26th of May, which was the same exact day as his sister, Joy-Anna’s wedding.  Joseph proposed to Kendra Caldwell during his sister’s wedding reception – a bit odd but that’s the Duggars for you. Only 2 weeks after Joy-Anna and Austin were married, their spectacular ceremony was seen on the Duggar’s reality TV show, “Counting On” only seen on the “TLC” network, therefore, those who watch the show every week were treated to a special episode of the wedding, which also included Joseph’s very special proposal to his now fiancé, Kendra Caldwell.

Apparently, the magazine, “TV Guide” has published a statement indicating that, for those who missed out on the 1st special episode, they can see it on the Duggar’s reality TV series, which will air on Monday, the 10th of this month – and, fans will get to see the very beginning of Joseph and Kendra’s friendship that turned into courting; and, those who tune into Counting On will be able to see a very nervous young man, Joseph, doing his best to request permission from Kendra’s father, that he be allowed to begin courting her.

We sure do hope the Duggar’s and the Caldwell families have rich friends and relatives so they can afford all of those gift cards.

Written by Renee Barbee

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