Jinger Duggar’s Recent Instagram Post Has Some Fans Disgusted!

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Jinger Duggar's Recent Instagram Post Has Some Fans Disgusted!

The Duggar family takes their religion seriously.  Jinger adores every single walk of life that God has created, no matter what the size.  However, not everyone agrees with her, including fans, after she glorified a very small insect in Texas.

Jinger and her husband, Jeremy relocated to the city of Laredo, in the state of Texas some time earlier this year, close to 8 months now.  It seems as if Jinger has taken an somewhat odd interest in the various critters that roam the area. Since Jinger no longer works. She has way too much time on her hands when hubby Jeremy Vuolo is doing God’s will at his church and the time that he spends working on those sermons which he prepares for to preach on every Sunday. So, while he’s at work, his wife is roaming around and found something she wasn’t used to seeing and hopefully she didn’t get anywhere near them: a swarm of insects, referred to as “fire ants” and somehow she stumbled on a family of them together in a bed of sand or dirt. If those things crawl onto your skin, they bite like hell and cause huge red blisters that burn and itch….and just what do you think she did with those ants?! Well, Jinger found them so fascinating, that instead of grabbing a can of “Raid” – she kneeled down, somewhere near the ants and starting videotaping the critters in action – what the hell?! Who does that?! And then, not too long after that, she posted the creepy crawler video on her personal “Instagram” site. “God’s creation is incredible,” as her caption read for her critter video.

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God’s creation is incredible 🐜

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As one would expect, a few of Jinger’s fans didn’t think her video was exciting at all or interesting, for that matter. Those insects can cause real pain if a person is bitten several times. Her fans assumed that she most likely has never been exposed to this type of insect, and/or hasn’t ever been stung by one of these red devil ants. If Jinger knew the dangers about them, we are almost positive she would have never attempted to film them. And, some of her fans became very concerned about her mental state and said:

“Jinger….what did you put in your coffee this morning?!!??” as one fan from “Counting On” asked her.
“Ummm those are fire ants, may be the devils creation! Just sayin!” one more fan stated.

“Some fans speculated that the Duggar daughter must be bored out of her mind if she’s filming ants crawling around. “ “Good grief. Are you that bored that you are watching fire ants?” yet another fan said.

Many people may not know that there is actually 2 different kinds of those nasty devils called “fire ants” which are known to be a huge insect that lurks in their home town, located in Arkansas, the state where the Duggar family lives. This alleged info comes from the “University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture,” so perhaps this isn’t really the 1st time that Jinger has had a close encounter with fire ants. Jill Duggar, Jinger’s sister, who is older than her, has stated that she really never had any kind of issues with critters of this nature until she and Derick relocated to Central America, where they currently reside while they perform their missionary duties. As Jill often does, she posts updates on social media regarding how their progress is doing and in one post, Jill stated that both herself along with Israel, her son who is already a toddler, did, in fact, get bitten by ants but she didn’t mention if they were the red kind or the black kind – this happened right after they came back from one of their home visits after working for months in El Salvador.

“Israel and I were also welcomed ‘home’ by a couple of fire ant bites (something we aren’t used to back home in NW Arkansas),” as Jill Duggar mentioned, in a published report from the famed magazine, “Hollywood Gossip.”
Fortunately, for those fans who do not like critters that bite, sting and cause major pain, Jinger likes the soft, cute and cuddly animals. She adores those types, unlike her sister. Y’all ever hear of #tbt?! That’s a hashtag symbol for “throwback Thursday” and Jinger posted one herself this past week. The picture shows Jeremy, her hubby, hanging out with a huge amount of very cool Kangaroos. It was shot while they were both on their honeymoon in Australia, the land of “down-under” however, she definitely won’t find or be able to see those cute Kangaroos jumping among Laredo, Texas – nope, they don’t have those kind of critters in the “Lone Star” state.

Jinger Duggar's Recent Instagram Post Has Some Fans Disgusted!

However, somehow she stumbled upon another kind of small critter, which is very close to the lovable kind of animals that are only found in Australia. Now, keep in mind that Jinger is only an amateur and she is learning how to take pictures. The photographer that she has become, decided to take some shots the week before last and posted it for all to see! The photo was a “gecko” , which is one of my favorites and this shot was done in a very artistic way with speckles, which Jinger found and hung outside in different places of the apartment they live in.

Jinger Duggar's Recent Instagram Post Has Some Fans Disgusted!

“This friendly little guy was outside our place this morning,” as Jinger mentioned in her caption from the pic she posted. “Incredible and gross. Eww,” stated from another fan.

Is Jinger that desperate and lonely when Jeremy is not around?! It sure appears that way, especially since she has decided to hang out with critters, instead of people or maybe she just needs to join some kind of women’s club and meet other people so she will have a friend or 2 to visit with. Or perhaps Jeremy should really look into adopting some kind of pet dog or cat to keep his wife company.

All alone while Jeremy is at work and with nothing to do but play with insects. Let’s hope she gets a real pet soon.

Written by Renee Barbee

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1 thought on “Jinger Duggar’s Recent Instagram Post Has Some Fans Disgusted!

    marcy scrot

    (June 18, 2017 - 7:59 am)

    Maybe she trusts the Lord to protect her~ LIttle lizards and fire ants are really not deadly and I”m thinking she was using a macro lens for the photo of the ants. People sure have opinions on how others should live.

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