Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo Creates Huge Gun Debate On Instagram With Jeremy

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Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo Creates Huge Gun Debate On Instagram With Jeremy

Jinger seems to enjoy posting a wide variety of very, shall we say, “interesting” posts on social media?! In the meantime, we see her married siblings choosing to post just the opposite – cute pictures of their children and giving fans an update regarding their personal lives, and their home life – well, she’s one to talk! Jinger is married, and at the perfect age to have a child, which is 23, however, for some odd reason, she remains childless and doesn’t appear to be expecting anytime soon; and her favorite photos to post on social media, including Instagram are usually of the artistic type and of course she also loves to post pics of her husband. That’s usually what you do within the first year of your marriage. But, wouldn’t you know it – this most recent photo, which, of course was posted on her social media account is causing a bit of ruckus and a huge disagreement with some of the “Counting On” Duggar fans.

It appears that Jinger has found a new life style after getting married to Jeremy, going on their honeymoon and then making the huge decision to relocate to Laredo, Texas, where Jeremy’s family lives. So, needless to say, she has become her own “woman” and has begun to break away from those rules that she left behind in Arkansas where her roots are – and, of course where her family lives. And maybe that’s a good thing, especially for Jinger. Let’s take a look at one example: ladies of the Duggar family have been instructed that they are only allowed to wear skirts which are long in length, to cover their knee and most of their upper thighs – we are guessing it’s a modesty belief that mom and dad adhere too and also to ensure their daughters show their feminine side. When Jinger was a young girl, there were photos showing her wearing skirts that were quite long and went far below her knees.

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However, during the spring of this year, she decided to wear slacks – perhaps due to the cold weather, and, she added several layers of tee-shirts, along with a heavy jacket to perhaps raise doubts among her fans, leading them to believe that Jinger might be pregnant, however, that turned out to be false. That was Jinger’s way of expressing her “ruggedness” style to her fans. We are well aware that Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo is quite adventurous in many ways.

Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo Creates Huge Gun Debate On Instagram With Jeremy

However, this issue had nothing to do with the pants she was wearing – which, created all of the drama by the fans and those who follow the reality TV show of which the “Duggar’s” are featured in. Jinger’s slacks were so tight that they seemed to be clinging to her body and showing her curvatures, however, fans were drawn and focused on a gun that Jinger was actually holding on to.

Some of the Duggar fans had stated that it’s quite upsetting and a bit sad knowing that the Vuolo’s live in a world of their own, which favors and supports the idea that people whom they associate with, along with their families are quite used to having guns around.

“I live where guns are banned and we do very well without them,” Jacky Walker Kovacs wrote in the comment section. “I understand the fear. But fear brings in more fear. It’s all energy and the energy of guns is not love.”
But, the good news is, that, most of the fans actually approve of and agree that Jinger and Jeremy are actually making a good decision by ensuring that when they practice their personal skills regarding how to actually aim and shoot – they are doing so in a very secured and safe area without any danger to others.

“I live where guns are allowed and I feel safer because there are guns around,” Katie Watts responded to Jacky Kovacs. “The bad guys will still get guns, so we need them to protect ourselves from any idiot who decides to break in. Pepper spray or a random object versus a gun and a criminal doesn’t do much. And when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo Creates Huge Gun Debate On Instagram With Jeremy

Who knew that Mr. and Mrs. Vuolo have a fondness for a weapon?! – in this case, it happens to be a gun, and, it sure looks as if they have settled themselves into the land of Texans – not only that, in case y’all were not aware, it’s legal to bear arms in the state of Texas, which is also very well supported. Truth be told, Jessa (Duggar) Seewald, Jinger’s older female sibling, has also enjoyed attending practice ranges and learning how to shoot a gun from time to time – she wants her fans to know, that if something were to happen, she is fully capable of keeping herself safe from strangers who may want to harm her.

Fans discuss a lot of topics on the Duggar’s social media sites – and, when not having a discussion regarding the urgent need to have the right to bear arms in this country, many also like to find out when Jinger finally decided to include slacks, as a major part of her new clothing life style.

“Thanks for finally wearing pants,” a fan called Daisy wrote. “Those skirts are ridiculous. Never forget the mom water-skiing in a skirt, freaking out over her knees. She is a grown up now, and a Vuolo!!!”
In the beginning, when they first began seeing Jinger with pants on, they were quite upset and very shocked, however, Jinger has managed to gain full support from her loving fans, who have commented on that very fact, which is posted on Jinger’s Instagram page. And yet, one certain disgruntled fan, made the comment, saying that it wasn’t fair to Jinger– regarding the fact that her husband is allowed to wear the kind of shorts that shows his knees, however, she is not allowed too.

The state of Texas is also considered cowboy country and it appears that Jinger and Jeremy are getting along just fine!

Written by Renee Barbee

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