Jinger Duggar Posts a “TBT” Pic of Jessa, Social Media Is on Fire

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Friday of last week, which just happened to be “Cinco de Mayo” Day, Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo took it upon herself to post, what she refers to as a “throwback” picture, which you can see above, along with Jessa, Jinger’s sister who happens to be older than she is. Wait a minute?! Throwback usually refers to “TBT” which means, throwback Thursday – in either case, fans went crazy, and as usual, the comments came flooding in.


Jinger and her new techy skills tagged her sister’s photo with this phrase, “Best friends forever!”

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It’s quite clear just how very close the siblings of the Duggar family really are – they seem to get along with each other so well, however, knowing how big the family is, sisters can sometimes become their own BFF’s and other’s really enjoy spending time by forming a bond that no one can break -it’s just a part of life for the Duggar’s, however, one thing we do know for sure is that Jinger and her older sister Jessa were BFF’s long before now.


Those crazy Duggar fans continue to search on line for any kind of clue or hint to find out IF and when Jinger will begin showing a “baby bump” and this has been taking place from the very beginning of Jinger and Jeremy’s nuptials – at this current time, she has a lot of fans and followers who truly believe that she is indeed pregnant, simply by the photos they have seen on social media. She’s only 23 and still has plenty of time to have a baby but the big question is: “Is she or isn’t she?” One thing we know for certain, when and IF Jinger is expecting, she and Jeremy will make that big announcement.


No matter what kind of photo that Jinger or any of her siblings decides to post – including a “throwback” which was just a fun photo to share with her fans, that’s all it takes for them to believe that she is and which also causes a lot of curiosity.


Yet, there will always be fans who insist that Jinger is simply trying her best to keep posting photos, just to help herself stay active on her own social media site – however, the pictures that she is posting are not of herself.


Still, there are other fans who believe that Jinger is just feeling kind of sad and left out, now that she has moved far away from her home base in Arkansas and she really wants to be able to connect with her family any time she feels like it and perhaps gets lonely – and, those same fans are hoping that Jinger will have her own happy little family very soon, with a baby of her own.


However, many others see her photo much differently – and, they have accepted it as a very special way of Jinger showing how much she loves and adores her sisters.


“Is that Jinger?!?! Jessa, you haven’t changed a bit!! Y’all are so adorable!” wrote one fan.


“You guys look absolutely adorable,” as one more fan stated.


Absolutely, “adorable” happened to be the special “word” from the photo that Jinger posted, which also took place on the same exact day once it appeared on her Instagram site.


Well, even though Jinger is a fairly new member in the world of social media, this gal really and truly has found a way to her fan’s heart and they love what she is doing.



OK, sort of…..BUT, her fans are still waiting with baited breath for that all important statement from Jinger, herself, with the huge reveal that she is finally expecting, however, don’t hold your breath for too long, as it may be quite some time before that big event takes place.


Jinger seems to be homesick but she’s a country gal and is learning rather quickly how to keep in touch with her family back home.


Written by: Renee Barbee

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