Jinger Duggar Creates a Frenzy With Fans As a Texan With Her Sweet Baking Recipe’s!!

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Jinger Duggar Creates a Frenzy With Fans As a Texan With Her Sweet Baking Recipe's!!

Well, if y’all were wondering if Jinger has gotten used to her new life in Laredo, Texas – think no more, she has shown her fans that she has. She also loves to share her photos of Texas and her specialty baked goods by posting them on her Instagram site.  This time Jinger’s post was a somewhat “sweet” surprise for her many fans and followers. The recipe Jinger used is referred to as “Amy Cornett’s Super Easy Pretzel Cheesecake”.  Apparently it received some awesome reviews from those who follow Jinger on her social media sites – supposedly the special items that Jinger used for her ingredients has attracted a lot of attention from, shall we say, several fans who adore Jinger and follow her site.

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We now know, from reading Jinger’s Instagram post, she is using those same “HEB” products to cook with in her home. As usual, the comments starting flooding in a very “not so nice way” from certain fans who follow Jinger on her Instagram site – and, many of her fans are gesturing at the idea that Jinger has thrown herself into every aspect of life and the way they do things in Texas.  They see this as her way of supporting a well-known name brand, which is also iconic. Several fans even went as far as to use the phrase “Here Everything’s Better” which just happens to be their store’s motto – along with every supermarket in the chain.

The ”HEB” company that sells a variety of food in their supermarkets has done very well for itself – they are very successful, also a “privately-owned” chain of markets of its’ kind, which are located throughout this Country, and, with a whopping total of 350 store locations, just in the state of Texas – unbelievable!

Three years ago, back in 2014, “HEB” was listed as number 15 in “Forbe’s” magazine; which publishes a listing of “America’s Largest Private Companies”. They have become a very popular grocery store type of industry within the state of Texas. This company  has become a staple in many “house-holds” which basically sells itself and has managed to include itself as a huge part of the good ole Texas way of living ! Yee-haw y’all.

Contemplating the very fact that “HEB” does perform within the basic Christian way of life, we are certainly not surprised at all that both Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo and her hubby, Jeremy purchase most of their grocery items at these huge market’s, which are also considered “outlets” like discount chains. This is Jinge and Jere’s way of contributing to a huge company that fits in with their own personal religious beliefs.  This happily married couple is actually learning how to fit in and deal with the culture in their own personal kitchen, if you will – where they both reside, in what is known as the “Lone Star” state of Texas.

Yikes! The recipe that Jinger created and posted on her Instagram site received way more than a whopping 167,000 total views – and that was just in the first 19 hours, from the time that fans and followers saw her post – talk about huge, wow! Also, she received a lot of praises from many of her fans and applauding Jinger for her skills when she’s cooking in her kitchen. Jinger has managed to spark a huge interest with a lot of her Instagram followers – they have gone one step further, by trying to encourage Jinger, who just happens to be one of four daughters within the Duggar family, to show a lot more of her fancy dishes and the various projects she works on, and hopefully will be posted directly onto Jinger’s social media sites.

One particular fan, who’s twitter name is @SkyelarCatherine, has promised Jinger she could be a huge hit on her own reality TV show, if she were to start a personal blog from all of her recipes.

And yet, another Instagram follower, who goes by @Julia.Perez31, also had a comment of her own – basically saying it would be so cool for everyone that follows Jinger, who is known as a huge celebrity on her families reality TV show, “Counting On” by creating her own “YouTube” account, where she could take videos of everything she cooks and post it to gain even more fans.

“You should make a YouTube channel and you can post cooking videos on it. That would be awesome.”

Jinger Duggar Creates a Frenzy With Fans As a Texan With Her Sweet Baking Recipe's!!

It seems as if Jinger Duggar has found herself a new gig in the Lone Star state of Texas. Some real down home fixings.

Written by Renee Barbee

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