Jill (Duggar) Dillard & Hubby Derick’s New Son Looks Like Auntie Jessa

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 Jill (Duggar) Dillard & Hubby Derick's New Son Looks Like Auntie Jessa

As we all know, Jill and her hubby, Derick have spent most of the last two years in Central America doing their missionary work, even though Jill became pregnant last year – and, she finally had her second baby boy sometime during the early months of the summer. Babies are being born right and left within the Duggar family, and, as we all know, the married siblings like to “show and tell” by posting photos of their newbies, basically the same day after giving birth – however, this time around, Jill waited for nearly two weeks before she posted her very first pic of her second son, Samuel – then fans became very worried after not seeing any social media posts for almost a month. Neither Jill or Derick posted any updates, which really concerned their fans and followers. This issue also caused the fans of “Jill & Jessa: Counting On” to speculate on Jill’s condition – they kept posting comments on Jill’s Instagram account, asking if she was ok, etc. They truly believed that something really awful had taken place when Jill gave birth – and kept asking why Derick, along with the Duggar family refused to post any updates on social media.

Since the fans were getting worried and thought something really bad had happened, both Jill and Derick posted some family photos on her Instagram site to prove that she, along with baby Samuel, her first born, Israel and, of course, daddy Derick were coming along and doing well.

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 Jill (Duggar) Dillard & Hubby Derick's New Son Looks Like Auntie Jessa

Say what?! Oh boy – some of the fans have made comments stating that the photos of baby Samuel, which Jill has been posting looks exactly like her sister, Jessa instead of any other person in their family.

Hmm, that could cause quite a bit of sadness for both Jill and Derick.

“He looks so much like Jessa to me!” As one particular fan posted on Jill’s Instagram page, and, unfortunately, quite a few fans appear to agree and are posting the same comment.

But hey! Jessa is a beautiful woman – so, naturally, that might not be so bad for baby Samuel, who apparently has many of the same features as his Auntie Jessa does. Take Spurgeon, for example – he has eyes, which are huge, along with supple lips, almost exactly the same as his mother – who, by the way, receives a lot of compliments from many of her fans, who have stated that Jessa’s beauty is similar to an angelic face, just like her baby boy.

Just take a look at this adorable photo of Samuel, which, to many fans, resembles Auntie Jessa.

Jill struggled for nearly two days, while enduring the longest labor ever, with her second son – which, of course made her delivery so much more stressful for a woman of her age, at 26. Her first child, Israel was a piece of cake compared to Samuel, however, every child birth is different. Samuel was a tough baby to deliver, no doubt about it. Even though the Duggar’s have yet to release any kind of statement regarding Jill’s struggle while giving birth – and, to give their fans an explanation of exactly what took place and why this delivery was so much more difficult than her first one, causing their fans to come up with their own conclusions which are now appearing all over social media.

“I knew she had a C-section, but I thought it was something else people were referring to,” a fan wrote underneath a picture of a vague Bible quote. “I guess I didn’t read the comments enough. I was really getting worried. I hope she’s healing well and everything is ok.”

Last week, Jill posted a bible verse and/or quote if you will – which basically stated that she was enduring some difficulties since giving birth nearly a month ago – not only that, but some of her fans comments have left her with the feeling as if she is being ridiculed for having a C-section and going through hard labor, which can totally wipe any young mother out.

We sincerely wish the best for Jill, Derick and baby Samuel and hopefully Jill, along with the Duggar family will ease their fans minds.

Written by Renee Barbee

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