Jessa & Ben Share Photos Of Toddler Son’s New Haircut, Fans Are Not Thrilled

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Jessa & Ben Share Photos Of Toddler Son's New Haircut, Fans Are Not Thrilled

Jessa (Duggar) Seewald and her hubby, Ben have 2 very young children – their oldest was given a haircut, but the big shocker is that “Spurgeon” is nearly 2 years old, however, the happy go lucky fella, who is already 19 months old absolutely adores his new “do” however, as usual, there are certain fans that really don’t like the way Spurgeon Elliot’s hair was cut – he has the cutest curls, which gives him such a wonderful image, even though he is just a toddler. You would be amazed how smart kids are at that age.

This past Saturday, the 1st of July, Jessa and Ben did what most parents do – they took some pictures, especially since it was the very 1st hair cut for Spurgeon, and they shared the photos on the Duggar’s official website. Apparently, from a statement released by Jessa and Ben, their son, who is just a toddler, was only given a trim. This happy little family are also reality TV stars and can be seen each Monday night on “Counting On” – however, neither Jessa or her husband, Ben Seewald never gave any indication as to why they opted for just a trim and not a full hair-cut. Perhaps they wanted to wait until the little dude got older before they decided to cut off more hair – after all, those curls are so cute on Spurgeon. Sometimes parents like to savor the moment “if you will” however, he sure seems happy in the photos they posted on line after their son had his hair trimmed.

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“We didn’t chop off all his curls but trimmed a few inches for his first hair cut!” stated Jessa and Ben.

Jessa & Ben Share Photos Of Toddler Son's New Haircut, Fans Are Not Thrilled

Neither Jessa or Ben mentioned anything about who actually cut their son’s hair, however, it is quite possible that grandma Michelle gave her grandchild a trim – or maybe it was Spurgeon’s mommy. For those of you, who haven’t read it yet, the Duggar’s wrote a book, entitled “Growing Up Duggar” and, it mentions the fact that one of Jessa’s family chores, while growing up, was to cut every single one of her male siblings hair. Now, to most people, that isn’t a big deal, however, in the Duggar family, there are 19 kids, 10 of which are boys. Well, someone had to cut their hair while mom and dad worked. Jessa became the chosen one, responsible for cutting 10 full heads of hair, all of which were her brothers. Hmm, I wonder what those photos looked like – after all, her brothers were guinea pigs, meaning she was able to try her “hair stylist” skills on the male siblings in her family, hopefully, not all at one time. She was able to view some videos so she could learn the proper way of cutting young boy’s hair.

Depending on how fast their new born son’s hair grows, it could be months until Jessa decides it’s time to cut one more head of hair in her family. But, at this current time, “Henry Wilberforce” Seewald, Jessa and Ben’s 2nd baby boy only has a tiny bit of hair, which you can barely see on his little head, however, if you place your hand on top of Henry’s head, you can feel the fuzz that most babies get when they are just an infant. The little dude is growing bigger every day – and, believe it or not, he’s almost a half a year old. Henry’s older bro, Spurgeon took close to 8 months before his hair was at the appropriate length so his hair could curl. For now, fans will have to try and be very patient, as it may take some time before mom and dad can share pictures of Henry with hair like his brother’s – curly and wavy.

Babies are so adorable, especially when they get their 1st haircut. Many moms save the cut off locks in a photo album, so perhaps Jessa will do the same.

Written by Renee Barbee

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