Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger’s Hubby Tries to Show Good Faith Despite Family Issues

Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger's Hubby Tries to Show Good Faith Despite Family Issues

Wow! Sometimes miracles do happen and, as we all know, the Duggar’s hardly ever get some good news, however, the family has received some very, joyful family info by way of social media, in spite of Derick’s tweet which caused quite a bit of controversy. Jill and Derick Dillard, along with Jeremy, Jill’s brother-in-law, have actually cracked through that barrier on the world wide web.

Vuolo revealed that he had his own personal Instagram site, also with his wife Jinger Duggar, which took place sometime in the beginning of 2017, several weeks and/or months after they were finally married. Within a day or two, Jeremy, a pastor who preaches in his home state of Texas – city of Laredo, started to follow Jessa (Duggar) Seewald and her hubby Ben, however he chose to ignore Jill and Derick. And, on the other hand, Jinger very gently, and with great care, decided it was best to begin following her sister Jill along with Derick Dillard.

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But, then again, Jill and her hubby, Derick never bothered to start following Vuolo. Oh brother, what’s up with these Duggar’s? Even Jinger’s sister doesn’t follow her own sibling! Geez Louise – – well, we know that Jeremy and his brother-in-law, Derick Dillard are both very active with their own personal Christian religious duties, choosing to forego and decided not to follow either one’s site, which was quite shocking, to say the least, especially since those “eagle-eyed” fans could tell that something strange was taking place – perhaps a family tiff between brother-in-law’s of two Duggar siblings.

Offering a belief into the speculation that certain documents have indicated that both Derick and Jeremy allegedly and deliberately insulted each other quite a few times, this appears to be a “family-feud” but why?! Apparently in certain reports, Vuolo has recently indicated that he does not approve of particular missionaries, as the famed magazine, “Hollywood Gossip” has made all of their readers aware of, which, has apparently caused a lot of fans to believe that the harsh words were administered at both Jill and Derick.

Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger's Hubby Tries to Show Good Faith Despite Family Issues

As we all know, the Duggar’s have several social media sites – one of which is “Tumbler” and many fans with those “Superman” x-ray eyes and who follow the family on that social media site, referred to it as “Keeping Up With Fundies” as they then realized that the gossip mongers might just have ended – well, surprise-surprise, Jill and Derick Dillard, along with Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo have made peace and are now buddies via their Instagram sites, however, Jill has taken charge of monitoring both sites. She started to follow her sister, Jinger and soon after, she began following her brother-in-law, Jeremy Vuolo. Jill even decided to reply to the many posts from Jeremy, who is a pastor. Talk about a social media guru, she sure seems to have a lot of time on her hands. However, perhaps this is Jill’s way of bring the family closer – as Jeremy decided to return the favor by following his sister-in-law, Jill, along with his brother-in-law, Derick Dillard. Not too long ago, Jill posted a comment regarding a certain image of her sister Jinger, along with Jeremy’s mom – after her son, the pastor posted the photo on social media.

Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger's Hubby Tries to Show Good Faith Despite Family Issues

This prompted Jeremy to begin following his sister-in-law Jill (Duggar) Dillard, along with her hubby, Derick – during this “battle of tweets” while this current Twitter war was going on – all because of one tweet that Jeremy Vuolo posted. Dillard decided it was best to send out his own tweets regarding the way he feels about the gender issue, which was in reply to a certain statement, and was released by TLC regarding one particular TV show, that apparently is somewhat of a true story concerning the real life teen who is a transgender and, that person is none other than “Jazz Jennings.” Well, the tweet from Derick somehow caused TLC to refrain from his own personal opinion, although many have asked that Jill and Derick be excluded from appearing on any episodes of “Counting On” which, as we all know, is the reality TV show starring the Duggar’s. I don’t see that working out to well.

Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger's Hubby Tries to Show Good Faith Despite Family Issues

The stance that Dillard has taken regarding the LGBT issue, as well as gender concerns could very well have made a huge impression with his bro-in-law, Jeremy, who apparently has been known to post his own views in the last several months via the sermons he preaches in church on Sunday. Well, y’all – that wasn’t enough to convince Dillard to begin following his wife’s bro-in-law on his personal Instagram site – hmmm and Derick just started to follow Jeremy. Whatever!!

A family feud on social media is definitely not a good thing so let’s hope they all kiss and make up, as the saying goes!!

Written by Renee Barbee

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