Jenelle Evans’ Ex-Husband, Courtland Rogers, Responds to Her Abuse and Miscarriage Claims!

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Jenelle Evans' Ex-Husband, Courtland Rogers, Responds to Her Abuse and Miscarriage Claims!

Jenelle Evans has had quite the history with men. The girl’s had so many failed relationships, both in the past 8 years that MTV has been filming her and even before that, according to details in her new book. Viewers of Teen Mom 2 have watched Jenelle jump from one bad relationship and right into another bad relationship, over and over again. Fans witnessed many fights between Jenelle and her boyfriends, which usually ended badly and were then followed by her quickly jumping into a new relationship. Clearly, Jenelle is afraid of being alone and definitely has abandonment issues due to the absence of her father, which has definitely also had an impact on her relationships with men.

Jenelle Evans' Ex-Husband, Courtland Rogers, Responds to Her Abuse and Miscarriage Claims!

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Let’s review Jenelle’s relationships just during the time since she became a pregnant teenager and MTV’s favorite teen mom drama queen. When we met Jenelle on “16 and Pregnant”, she was dating Andrew Lewis, an alcoholic 6 years her senior, who ditched her to go get drunk with his friends all throughout her pregnancy. Not only did he treat her badly, but he abandoned her and their son Jace. He even left the hospital to go get drunk on the same day that she gave birth to their son. Jenelle and Andrew split near the end of her pregnancy or very soon after.

When Jenelle finished with this loser, she ran into the arms of another named Kieffer Delp. During this time, Jenelle spent a lot of time partying and signed over “temporary” custody of Jace to her mother Barbara Evans. Kieffer was a terrible influence on Jenelle. It was one thing for them to smoke pot together but he also introduced her to heroin and they were arrested together. Next was Gary Head, who was arrested for assaulting her at one point. After that, she ran back into the arms of Kieffer again, then probably some more Gary too.

Fans of the show should be very familiar with Nathan Griffith and his history of assaulting girlfriends. He was also arrested for assaulting Jenelle. Nathan and Jenelle met and almost immediately decided to have a baby together. Nathan is the father of Jenelle’s 3 year old son Kaiser, born in June 2014. Currently, Jenelle is engaged to David Eason and planning a wedding for September. David also has a history of assault but so far the relationship is still going and Jenelle gave birth to their daughter Ensley in January this year.

Ironically, although Jenelle has been engaged several times, with at least three different men having proposed to her while filming with MTV, she has only been married once and it was to none of these men. Gary, Nathan and David have all proposed to Jenelle while she was filming the show. In the middle of all of these lovely men, there was one that never appeared on Teen Mom 2, as the relationship took place during a few months that Jenelle was on a break from filming. This man’s name was Courtland Rogers and the former couple was married in December 2012. Since the relationship and marriage was so short lived, viewers did not see much of their dynamic, though Jenelle later discussed some of it when she began filming again. In the spring of 2013, Jenelle discussed having been arrested with Courtland over heroin related charges. Viewers also witnessed her discuss and go through with her decision to abort their unborn child. So we know the two loved heroin, got married and into a great big mess of trouble.

Now thanks to Jenelle’s new memoir, Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom, we have details on one of the most appalling moments of their relationship (if it ever even really happened), which was Jenelle’s miscarriage. Strangely, I cannot recall this “miscarriage” having ever been discussed on the show.

Jenelle Evans' Ex-Husband, Courtland Rogers, Responds to Her Abuse and Miscarriage Claims!

In her book, she wrote that while she was pregnant, Courtland found some texts between her and another guy– probably her ex Gary. Jenelle said that Courtland then became upset and questioned if he was even the father of her unborn child. According to Jenelle, Courtland “slapped me around a few times, then started punching me in the gut.” According to Jenelle, she lost the baby the following day. She also banned Courtland from her hospital room and ran back into the arms of Gary for consolation.

According to a new interview that Courtland allegedly had with Radar Online, Jenelle’s story is not even true.
“Dude. When I read that she’s getting married to David, I thought ‘This is her second wedding. You were married to somebody who you destroyed their life and left.'”, Courtland stated. “Jenelle’s done it to every one of us,” he continued. “Jenelle is like a hurricane. She is horrible. Everybody gets destroyed. If people don’t know that now it’s sad. It happened to me.” Courtland kind of has a point because as we said, the girl has never really dated a good guy, at least while the public eye. On the other hand, it’s not like Jenelle forced them to become abusive, drug addicted assholes so not everything can be blamed on her.

Regarding Jenelle’s abuse allegations, Courtland allegedly said, “I never in my life have hit her. I never even touched her. If we were ever fighting I made sure she wouldn’t hit me. I never swung or hit her or anything. That is the God’s honest truth.” He then provides additional clarification in case that wasn’t enough for some people. “No, I never hit her in a million years. I never ever physically hit her in that type of manner. I swear to God. Not drunk. Not high. Not sober. It never happened.”

According to Courtland, the truth is that Jenelle faked her miscarriage. “She was with Gary and she sent me that picture of food coloring in her bath tub and tried to say it was her drug use at the time that cause her to have a miscarriage.”, he explained. “She was cheating on me with Gary. We were arguing, she left,” he recalled. “She ended up not coming back. She called me and let me know she was with Gary and then sent me the picture.” Courtland continued, “She was with him for three days. The next day Gary called me and told me she took the abortion pill.”

As bad as the relationship was, Courtland admitted that he still misses her sometimes. “I ain’t gonna lie. I miss her sometimes. It ain’t nothing like that. I don’t miss money. I’ve always had money.” Courtland went on to say, “I actually loved her. Like, a lot. It wasn’t MTV I loved, or the shoes I was wearing. It broke my heart. I would have never thought this is what she would have thought or that she would have put about me in her book.”

Well, considering we witnessed her go through with the abortion on the show, I have to say that I believe Courtland’s version of events, at least in regards to her lying about the miscarriage. Many viewers of the show never even heard about this possible miscarriage because Jenelle never mentioned it while filming. She was filmed going with her mother Barbara to a major city in order to get her abortion but not once did Jenelle mention having had a miscarriage. As open as she has been about her life, including for example, her decision to film her abortion, I do not for one second believe that she would have had a miscarriage and not mention it.

So what’s the truth here? Did Courtland beat Jenelle and cause her miscarriage? Is he totally innocent like he says? Did Jenelle even have a miscarriage at all or did she just have an abortion?

It’s hard to say for sure but considering this is Jenelle Evans we’re talking about, I’d say anything is possible.

Written by Kelly S

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