Jana Duggar: Fans Fear Her Workload May Be Tripled!!

How sad for Jana Duggar! Nicked named “Cinderella” as if she was a servant, it has been allegedly reported that she was forced to work herself ragged during the holidays last year – and, it appears that the situation isn’t about to get any better for Jana soon.

The super talented star of the reality TV show, “Counting On” just recently celebrated her birthday – on the 27th of February, just a few short days ago, and sadly, as time goes by and Jana gets older, she remains at home taking care of all the little Duggar children, while the rest are out working and enjoying life. Now, does that seem fair to you?!

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We all know that Jana isn’t married, at least not yet – nor has she began thinking about having children and a family of her own, however, she chooses to remain living at home with her mom and dad, JB and Michelle Duggar and has now become a “stay-at-home” daughter. Allow us to explain what that means – basically, Jana continues to help with everything from assisting her parents by helping to raise her own siblings and all the many chores that she does without any praise whatsoever!

Blame it on Jim Bob and his views on religion, which he follows to the “T”, along with his huge brood of children, however, the only family members who can venture outside of their comfort zone of which they refer to as their home, are the Duggar sons.

The way the Duggar family sees it, the women in the family are only good for basically two things – having babies and making sure their house is in order – not only that, but if they are not able to locate their spouses, they are forced to remain with their mom and dad until they are able to accomplish that task – which must be adhered to whether they are in their late 20’s or not. Age doesn’t seem to matter to the Duggar clan – if you are old enough to do the work, you really don’t have any choice in the matter.

For example – – Jana was given a tremendous number of additional chores to do during Christmas, anything from hanging holiday décor located outside of the Duggar family compound – to making and baking many different holiday goodies to give as gifts to the younger children in the family.


Duggar fans predict that the role Jana has been given as the family’s caregiver is getting very close to blowing up even more- especially since her siblings are having babies right and left.

Yep! We all know that Jill Dillard Duggar and Jessa Duggar Seewald are both expecting their second child – and now that Jinger has her own husband, Jeremy Vuolo, the Duggar family really believes that both Jill and Jessa will have another baby before this year is over.


Even though Jana keeps super busy at home with her many duties and responsibilities, she just doesn’t seem interested enough to hook up with the first guy that wants to take her out on a date. And get this! Jana recently stated on their reality TV show that she has received offers from very interesting guys and said; “It can be tempting, like, ‘Oh, I really want to be married,’ because in those moments, your siblings that are married and have little ones are going on dates and doing their thing,” she confessed. “It’s like this weird in-between stage. I’m not a younger one, but I’m not an older, married one with kids … There have been different guys who have come along and asked, but they haven’t been, I don’t know, the right one.”

We are really hoping that Jana decides to move out of the Duggar compound and begin a brand-new life of her very own – including a reality TV show of her own, but sort of a “spin-off” of “Counting On” without a hubby or any kids, however, that is probably never going to happen anytime soon, but stranger things have taken place within the Duggar family.

Of course, we would love to see Jana happy and enjoying her life, however the Duggar female siblings have a lot to choose from regarding their own personal careers – meaning, they don’t need to follow the lead from any of their family members but that’s the life they choose to live.


Jana is taking her time and is being very cautious regarding the various gentlemen that have shown an interest in dating her, however, none of those so called “suitors” have been what she is looking for – at least not yet.

Written by Renee Barbee

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