Jana and Josh Duggar: Stange Truths Revealed!!

In many ways, the Duggar’s are basically a family who is very open minded about their lives.

For example, they became famous several years ago, when they launched their first reality TV series and became a huge success soon after – then Josh Duggar, the oldest sibling decided to play a nasty game of “Russian Roulette” and caused a horrendous scandal that nearly cost the family business to go under, however, they could rebound after Josh disappeared for almost a year in rehab and their 2nd reality TV show has been doing good ever since. However, there is one “side-effect” of having stardom – the Duggar’s personal lives were seen on line via their website and social media sites, which means they are always being talked about. Oh yeah! Social media is very popular with the Duggar’s, especially those who have husbands or wives (which allows them to use their cell phones to post numerous photos on social media) while they sit back and have fun posting updates for the millions of people who follow the infamous Duggar clan.

However, the family’s various skills allow them to juggle several projects at one time – taking care of their daily chores while delegating the little stuff to others in the Duggar household. Everyone has their daily routines and the Duggar’s are no exception – at least from what we have seen so far; each teenager and/or adult have their own unique talents and have learned to keep certain things out of the public’s view, which means, they are careful not to reveal details which they do not wish to share with their fans.

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A major issue within the Duggar family is basically just one person – and, as we have reported several times in the last year or so, the kid’s name is Joshua Duggar Jr. Big Bad Josh – he certainly has caused a lot of problems for his both of his families.

He committed not one but two unbelievable and horrific scandals, which of course involved sex – yet, to this very day many of their fans and followers are not sure if what Josh did to cure himself was enough to (satisfy) those who were appalled by what he did to his own family and then the Duggar’s have welcomed him back into their hearts and home and are trying to ease him back into the spotlight?! That just can’t happen.

Lately, the “Counting On” producers appear to be doing whatever they can to make sure that Josh stays away from the cameras – in a humorous way, by going even further by trying to block out his face using specialty type lenses during their post-production, like a lot of “J.J. Abramses on Adderall.”

It’s nearly impossible for both the family and the producers to completely block out Josh from the set or anywhere else; which is exactly why Josh, himself continues to be referenced on the Duggar’s one and only website:

“That’s Josh’s entry in the Duggar family “scrapbook” and as the folks at Refinery 29 pointed out, there’s all types of weird and wild sh-t going on here.” It’s like finding a needle in a haystack! Where in the hell should they begin looking?!

Well, first, Josh hasn’t been employed in nearly two years – he once had a job helping at the “Family Research Council.” It appears that those in charge were not exactly happy and excited after finding out about the scandal and learning that Josh had molested 5 young girls – four of which were his own siblings. Who the hell wants a child molester lurking around them all day long?! Less than one year in rehab doesn’t mean Josh is cured. Let’s get real here folks!

Ok, the mere fact of the matter is this – the relationship that Josh had with the “FRC” (Family Research Council) never quite ended peacefully, Josh’s photo, from his own profile looks like him but he appears to be at strange event, which was hosted by that same organization. Oops! Not a good sign.

Nevertheless, no matter what Josh tries to do, it appears that any career he tried to get off the ground has landed in the toilet.

Perhaps the Duggar family should realize that enough is enough and it’s time to let Josh go and try to find something he can do to earn his own money.

Written by Renee Barbee

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