It’s Over! Sister Wives Shocking Divorce Announcement!

It’s Over! Sister Wives Shocking Divorce Announcement!

Amid rumor after rumor for the past 11 seasons we’ve all seen and heard a lot from the Brown family. Allegations of abuse, fat shaming, sexual preferences by patriarch Kody Brown and then a catfishing scandal. What was once the most solid of all relationships in this polygamist family has now crumbled into pieces right before our eyes. Robyn Brown who is the fourth wife of Kody and now legally the only married one has had enough. You can see the distaste and emotional drain on several of this past seasons episodes on Robyn’s face. She never smiles. She’s got her hands full with baby Ariel and the turmoil that looms between her and the other wives as Kody seemed to always prefer being in the presence of Robyn above his other wives Meri, Janelle and Christine. What may have even pushed her to limits that now include thoughts of divorce could be Kody’s prowling ways and hunt for a fifth wife who is almost half as young as Robyn.

It's Over! Sister Wives Shocking Divorce Announcement!

According to Life & Style Magazine what seem to really put things into perspective for Robyn was the never-ending filming, TLC cameras and constant intrusion into their lives from the show Sister Wives. I don’t get it because I’m certain if you’ve got one man who doesn’t work, four wives and 24 children, having a network based television show pay to watch your everyday lives and do so most lucratively is not the worst thing in the world. You’d never make it with without them so don’t shoot the messenger Robyn.

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Written by Kassandra Dunn

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2 thoughts on “It’s Over! Sister Wives Shocking Divorce Announcement!

    Marcy Scrot

    (February 23, 2017 - 10:02 am)

    I imagine that she has visions of going to her first hubby and him re-adopting his kids. She should know that Grody will never release his hold on those kids. And she’s so busy….puhlease. She has a nanny or two and is always available for whatever. She contributes nothing to the family so she needs to go.

    Debby Heinz

    (February 23, 2017 - 11:14 am)

    Thank God she is wising up.

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