IT’S OVER! RHONY LuAnn De Lesseps And Tom D’Agostino File For Divorce Today!

IT’S OVER! RHONY LuAnn De Lesseps And Tom D’Agostino File For Divorce Today!



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After a mere eight months of “un” wedded bliss the ‘Real Housewives Of New York’ LuAnn De Lesseps and her husband Tom D’Agostino have both filed jointly for divorce in Sag Harbor today after a very rocky time together. Just last month patrons in a trendy restaurant saw the two get into a physical altercation whereby LuAnn hit Tom. She later tried to pacify that report by minimizing it and saying it was a “love tap.” De Lesseps, 52 and D’Agostino, 50 just couldn’t seem to get their marriage to work as he said privacy was more his speed rather than filming and being part of a reality show. Yah right Tom that’s why just about every month you’ve been caught sucking face with another woman in public…who are you kidding buddy?


The couple’s New Years Eve wedding was the social event of West Palm Beach and many who knew LuAnn, including her co-stars on RHONY tried to warn her before she said her vows that Tom was a cheater. Always had been, always will be. Tom was seen the night before their engagement party making out with a woman at the bar of the Regency Hotel…an upscale watering hole the couple frequented often. LuAnn told People, “It felt like someone ripped my heart out of my chest. But I’m not going to let a stupid kiss ruin the rest of my life … He screwed up. What he did was wrong. But this wasn’t premeditated. It wasn’t an affair. It was a mistake.” De Lesseps Tweeted the news earlier today while D’Agostino was not available for comment. You’re better off without that jerk LuAnn.

Written by Riley Mathews

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