It’s Getting Hot in Alaska–“Little Women: L.A”

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Have you picked your jaws up off the floor from the recent episode of “Little Women: LA” Alaska episode?

Let’s just jump right in. The girls have barely gotten off the plane in beautiful Girdwood, Alaska at the Alyeska Resort. Terra says she is hoping the trip will help them all forget about their problems while enjoying the beauty of Alaska. Tonya wanted to reconnect with her “girls” and take her first trip with Kerwin. Tonya lets the cat out of the bag by bringing up Terra posting Christy’s video, “once again taking one step forward and a hundred steps back”. The viewers already know something is about to go down. Little did we know this would be a knock-down drag-out screaming fest.

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Tonya begins confronting Terra right away by asking Terra if she thought it was a good idea for Terra to post the video. Terra shoots back by telling Tonya “the video definitely affected me”. Terra stood by her decision saying it was a good idea. Terra says she is not ok with the word midget and states Christy “clearly is”. Tonya tries to change the subject and asks if they can go inside because “it’s getting chilly out here”. Oh, Tonya, you have no idea. I hope you’re wearing your thermals because the present company will only cause things to get more frigid.

The show cuts to Elena, Jasmine, and Chris walking into the resort. It seems as though Jasmine cannot wait to start telling Elena her opinion on Terra posting Christy’s video. Jasmine says she does not understand why Terra would post the video knowing everyone was about to take a trip together, especially if Terra was trying to reconnect with everyone and build friendships. Jasmine says Terra threw Christy under the bus again. Jasmine claims to want to defend Terra and be on Terra’s side but Jasmine feels it is hard to do so when Terra gives her reason not to. Lately, Jasmine also seems to enjoy stirring stuff up between the girls.

Can we all feel bad for the husbands and boyfriends who came on this trip? The guys thought they could spend some time together with their special someone. The guys may have let their guard down and may end up being referees for a WWE type smack down. Poor bastards.

I honestly do not understand why Tonya invited Christy and Todd. Tonya knows better than anyone how volatile things are between Terra and Christy. Terra specifically said she did not want to invite Christy. What does Tonya do? Invite them anyways. Personally, I would rather be left out of a group invite than someone else (other than the host) invite me and walk me into a giant cluster$%@#. Let us all take a moment to thank Tonya. Done? Good.

Christy is already getting herself worked up as she is unpacking in her room. Christy is telling her husband she is going to stand my ground and not let someone walk all over her. You can tell Christy is getting more agitated as she is talking by watching her hands. Christy becomes much more animated the more pissed off she is. Todd is not doing his wife any favors right now. He is egging her on instead of trying to talk her down. This is it. This is as calm as things will get. The storm is coming.

The tension is almost palpable through the tv screen when Christy and Todd walk over to the group while waiting for their tram to go up the mountain. Christy gives Jasmine and Tonya either a hello kiss on the cheek or a hello hug. Briana and Terra are iced out of Christy’s hellos. Maybe it won’t be so bad. After all, Terra could have easily made a comment to Christy about the cold shoulder but Terra did not. Terra seems to remain excited as she yells “to the top”! Everyone makes it to the top of the mountain in one piece, the tram is still together, and no one got pushed off of it. Maybe it’s ok to have good feelings and hope the crew can actually get along with each other.

Never mind, good feeling gone. The seats everyone is sitting on are barely warm and Elena has to ask why Terra posted the video. Terra said she was going to post Christy’s video regardless if Christy came on the group trip. It seems as though the girls feel Terra should not be bothered by Christy’s video because it was so many years ago. Is Christy a different person now vs. when she made the video? Possibly. Can Terra still be offended by the video? Sure. Elena feels as though everyone could have gotten along if Terra would have kept her offended opinion to herself and not mentioned the video. Is Terra being selfish? Or is Christy being selfish for coming to a group vacation where she knew there would be at least a little conflict? Since everyone looks a little chilly sitting outside, let’s pour a little gasoline on the situation and have Elena, Jasmine, Briana, Christy, and Tonya sit together and talk about Terra (who is only a couple of tables away). Jasmine starts in, like a relentless, Chihuahua, telling everyone Terra needs to be the bigger person and apologize for what she has done. Jasmine sounds very bitter when she discusses everyone having to “bow down to Terra”. I have a feeling there is something deeper to Jasmine’s resentment of Terra. Aaannd, there is Christy’s victim card. Christy claims Terra came at her now because her voice is gone and is unable to defend herself. Riiiiight.

About this time, we see Terra pulling a chair over to the table where all the girls are sitting. Jasmine cannot stand it and confronts Terra as soon as she sits at the table. Jasmine asks Terra what is going on with her and why is Terra doing what she is doing. Terra starts getting upset, saying she feels like the girls are attacking her. Terra’s voice gets louder and louder the more worked up she gets. Love her or hate her, Terra does not flip-flop in the face of confrontation. Jasmine starts screeching at Terra to “shut up”. Jasmine also starts grabbing Terra by her arms/hands. Terra tells the table “F*$% all of ya’ll” and decides to walk off. The girls are acting so surprised Terra is upset while they are ganging up on her. Terra tries to walk away. Everyone is yelling at each other accomplishing nothing. Jasmine follows Terra and continues to berate her. At this point, Terra is literally almost backed into a corner when Tonya comes over to Terra and Jasmine. The best thing they could have done is to let Terra walk away, cool down, and maybe try to talk things out another time in a less public setting and when no one has been drinking.

Will Terra’s fallout leave a bigger path of destruction than an atomic bomb? Has there been a line drawn in the sand between Terra and the other girls? The girls need to realize when you point a finger at someone you have 3 pointing back at you. Hopefully, they can all come back from this and piece back together the remnants of broken friendships.

Written by Tilly Tinson

“Keep your Spirit Salty” ~Tilly


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