Is There an Expiration Date on Returning Players?

Survivor… One of the most iconic reality shows in modern history is entering their 34th season. On March 8 Survivor Game Changers will air its 2hour premiere. It will also be Survivor’s 500th episode. In the 17 years, 458 people have battled the elements and each other to be the sole survivor. Out of those 498 players, 91 have participated in multiple seasons, with 69 castaways competing twice, 18 castaways competing three times, and 4 castaways competing four times. But, with returning contestants, where do CBS and the producers draw the line?

Luckily, our good friend and host with the most Jeff Probst give you his take on that answer. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly (EW) his answer is… “No, I really don’t think so. I think that would be foolish to say, ‘Yeah, five is the number.’ Because there is that idea of diminishing returns, but there’s also the idea of, maybe this is the time! It’s like playing a lottery. Maybe I’ll win this week! ‘Jim, you’ve been playing for 27 years, you spent a lottery trying to win the lottery.’ I know, but what if? It’s always a question of what if.”

What are your thoughts about returning players?

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