Is Joseph Duggar’s Mother Pushing For a Fast Wedding?!

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Joy-Anna married her friend of over 15 years, Austin, about 3 weeks ago – and now, we are hearing that Joseph might be getting really anxious to marry his fiancé sooner than later. Arrangements are already being made for their big day. And get this! Michelle Duggar went to a bridal event, which was located in the state of Kentucky. Hmm, it appears things are moving right along for this newly engaged couple.

Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth had their wedding ceremony on Saturday, the 26th of last month – the ceremony took place at night. The fans were both shocked and happy at the same time once the announcement was finally posted from the family. The Duggar’s kept it a secret until Joy-Anna and Austin were happily married, however, there were certain fans that somehow found out about the wedding even before the wedding took place.

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This past Monday night, video of the ceremony was the big feature of their debut episode from their reality TV show, “Counting On” which began its 3rd season. Given the fact that the family kept the date of Joy-Anna’s big day hush-hush, it is highly probable the same thing will happen when Joseph gets hitched – the Duggar’s like to keep us guessing until the big moment takes place – then once Kendra finally takes that walk on the red carpet to marry the man of her dreams, that being Joseph Duggar, the whole world will find out. However, due to the very fact that once a Duggar sibling becomes engaged – normally, within a few months, it certainly looks like Joseph will marry Kendra Caldwell before 2017 is over.

Joseph Duggar, at the age of 22, asked Kendra to marry him during his sister, Joy-Anna’s wedding reception, and, “People” magazine has allegedly reported that Joseph has indicated that the fall season is a great time to get married – does that mean it will be an outdoor event?! They are country folks, after all. From what we now know so far – and after spotting mama Duggar attending some kind of bridal event, which is located in the state of Kentucky, we are assuming that Kendra might be getting her wedding gown from the same exact dress designer that both Joy-Anna and her sister Jinger used for their big days! Fans seem to be very curious, and, are asking a lot of questions about the preparations for Joseph and Kendra’s biggest day of their lives.

Perhaps Michelle, mother of the groom, is doing her own thing by checking out the gowns and trying to help Kendra, who will become her next daughter-in-law – especially since a very recent photo mistakenly showed a lot more “skin” that what is allowed by Duggar standards!

The wedding gown designer, “Renne Miller” created the dress that Joy-Anna wore, by sewing patch-work pieces of other gowns that have been in her family for years – not an easy task at all but she managed to do a great job. Apparently Joy-Anna couldn’t make up her mind, as she fell in love with several different designs at basically the same time. According to “Miller” timing was critical and she was rushed to get the dress done for Joy-Anna’s wedding – by the time the gown was all done, which was literally just a few days before the ceremony, however, the reason why it took a lot longer than 1 month was due to the piece-work that Ms. Miller worked so hard on. This was all done after Joy-Anna, her sisters and her mother had shopped at the Kentucky store location to be fitted for her gown.

“Watch with me tomorrow night as I show Joy-Anna Duggar her wedding gown for the first time after she left my store in Mt Sterling. To complete her gown, I merged 3 gowns into one. The big reveal was just 3 days before her wedding. Yes, I was a nervous wreck,” as Ms. Miller, who was the wedding gown designer stated in a post on social media just before the debut episode from the 3rd Season of “Counting On”.

The event, referred to as the “Bridal Experience” took place sometime during the week of June 12th, which was located in the city of Mt. Sterling, state of Kentucky. Renne’s bridal store is also in Kentucky and, then she became very popular, especially after Duggar fans found out that Michelle’s daughters were buying gowns to wear at their respective weddings, she decided it was time to expand her bridal business and what better way to grow, by designing celebrities dresses. Her shop began to get super busy once Jinger Duggar was married, after seeing her beautiful gown that she wore to marry her prince charming. During Season 2 of the reality TV show “Counting On” from the TLC network, Ms. Miller was asked to appear so she could “show and tell” about designing Joy-Anna’s dress even before anyone saw Renne at the ceremony.

Michelle attended a show case of wedding gowns – which was hosted by the infamous, Renne Miller, and that is most likely where mama Duggar was able to get some really good design ideas so she could help her daughters and sons with their formal attire to wear at each other’s weddings. In this case, it was mainly for her future daughter-in-law, however, the final choice will be Kendra’s decision and I am pretty sure that she will decide which gown to wear without her future mother-in-law’s help and/or anyone near her from the crew who works on the Duggar’s reality TV show, “Counting On” to see her. As usual, expect to see Joseph and Kendra’s ceremony in a future episode of the families reality show, during their 3rd Season.

If the past repeats itself, Joseph and Kendra could very well be married by the end of this summer. Stay tuned!

Written by: Renee Barbee

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