I’M DONE! Another Beverly Hills Housewife Decides She’s Not Returning!

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Many thought that she had her own reality show in the works on E! Entertainment and according to her latest press junket there’s no truth to that at all. And now her current status on whether she’s returning next season to film the ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ is even on hold. Lisa Rinna told several news sources including E! that she has absolutely no desire to return for another season at this time. The housewives all have a short hiatus from filming and Rinna says she’s enjoying life and just doesn’t even want to think about returning.


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After yet another controversial season, fans of the show have been quite boisterous about how they feel about Lisa Rinna’s antagonistic behavior. They’re tired of the same storyline where she and Kim Richards spar between one another all year long and quite frankly, so am I. What would make me really happy is if they just decided that Kim Richards isn’t good for the show either and let her go. Her sobriety or questioning state thereof…is getting so old. They need new, glamorous and exciting housewives that show us all what Beverly Hills is all about. As far as Lisa Rinna goes, production said no one knows who’s coming back until literally five minutes before the new season starts.


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