How is Teen Mom OG’s Ryan Edwards Doing Since Rehab?!

 How is Teen Mom OG's Ryan Edwards Doing Since Rehab?!

The last season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ was an intense one for Ryan Edwards. His relationship with Mackenzie Standifer was going very well and he even proposed to her while filming for the show. Behind the scenes, Ryan had been struggling with a drug problem and viewers witnessed a scary scene on the season finale. Ryan was driving himself and Mackenzie to their wedding ceremony, however he began swerving and falling asleep at the wheel. Though it was pretty clear that he was on something, and Mackenzie asked if he took “another Xanax”, he denied it at the time and blamed the sun for having a hard time seeing. The denial did not stop Mackenzie from shutting off the camera though.

 How is Teen Mom OG's Ryan Edwards Doing Since Rehab?!

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Prior to watching that scene, there were many other scenes in which Ryan appeared very wide-eyed and it led to rumors of drug use. For many months, nothing was said to confirm the rumors until Maci Bookout, Ryan’s ex and mother of his 8 year old son Bentley, began talking a little about it on the show to her co-stars and husband Taylor McKinney. Right after Ryan and Mackenzie’s May wedding, Ryan checked himself into a rehab facility.

 How is Teen Mom OG's Ryan Edwards Doing Since Rehab?!

Since returning home from rehab, Ryan is reportedly doing great and is truly dedicated to sobriety. However, Maci is allegedly refusing to believe that Ryan’s recovery is real. On August 7th, a source told Hollywood Life, “It’s like she’s obsessed with him relapsing. She watches him like a hawk and is always on his back about being sober.”

 How is Teen Mom OG's Ryan Edwards Doing Since Rehab?!


Ryan is reportedly frustrated and doesn’t understand why Maci is so concerned and not giving him the benefit of the doubt. Ryan would like Maci’s continued support during his recovery. While the source claims that Ryan and Mackenzie believe that Maci is not really concerned but rather trying to start drama, Maci is ultimately responsible for Bentley’s wellbeing and wanting what is best for him. I do not think it’s wrong of her to be concerned and want to ensure that Ryan is in fact sober. Hopefully she remains supportive of Ryan and he continues to do well in his recovery

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