“Hollywood Medium”: Lisa Vanderpump Gets Emotional!!

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Lisa Vanderpump gets emotional when Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry gives her a reading and gives her some long-awaited information about her grandmother that passed away ten years ago. Tyler Henry revealed that “It’s like, if she’s gonna communicate to you, you’re just gonna know or feel what she would’ve done. And that’s more of the way that she seems to connect. I think you knew how your grandmother viewed you in life and her personalities, so you know no doubt that she would’ve been proud of everything you went on to do.”

Lisa explained that she has wondered for years how her grandmother would communicate with her. Would it be a butterfly or hummingbird that would she would encounter and is she with her? Tyler let Lisa know that she will feel it and not necessarily see anything, she would just know that her grandmother is with her. Lisa teared up when she understood that her grandmother was always with her and that she knows of her accomplishments in life.

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