Has Bravo Come for “RHOA” Kenya Moore?!

Has Bravo Come for “RHOA” Kenya Moore?!

Recently we posted an article detailing that Kenya Moore may be no more on “Real Housewives of Atlanta”. Now there is talk about Kenya being able to keep her peach but this comes with a price. IF Kenya agrees to allow the show to film her relationship with her new hubby, Marc Daly, THEN Kenya gets to keep her spot on “RHOA”. If not, no more housewives for Mrs. Moore.

Has Bravo Come for “RHOA” Kenya Moore?!

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Therein lies the rub. Kenya’s husband does not want to be a part of the show. Why do you ask? It’s because he does not like how black men have been portrayed on the show. That’s a commendable answer. Kenya continues to convince Bravo that she is the only one mentioned in her contract. Well, yeah because Bravo knew nothing about her marriage and more than likely Kenya was not married when she entered into said contract. Sources say Bravo is not falling for Kenya’s antics (finally). Basically, Bravo has put it in simple terms even Kenya can understand—either your husband is a part of the show or there is no show for you.

Has Bravo Come for “RHOA” Kenya Moore?!

Has Kenya finally met her match with the network execs? Do you think she will cave and use this all as part of her story line if she comes back next season?

Written by Tilly Tinson

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