“Grey’s Anatomy”: A Dancing Intern?

"Grey's Anatomy": A Dancing Intern?

Season 14 will have more interns recurring including a dancer. According to Moviefone, more interns are coming to annoy Bailey and get screwed possibly by Jo. When “Glasses” made his big debut on the premiere, he had sex with Jo, and she broke his glasses and also took an idea he had and took what could have been his spot in a surgery. Jo ended up reuniting with Alex. Levi aka Glasses looked like a schoolboy with a crush. Jake Borelli is the actor who plays Levi. He will be a recurring intern on season 14. There are 5 other interns who will debut in Thursday’s Oct 12 episode ” Ain’t That a Kick in the Head”?

"Grey's Anatomy": A Dancing Intern?

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Jeanine Mason who was the winner of Season 5 of So You Think You Can Dance is included in the 5 new interns. She will play Sam.

Sophia Taylor Ali will play Dahlia, Alex Blue Davis will play Casey, Jaicy Elliot will play Taryn, Rushi Kota will play Ethan and of course “Glasses” aka Levi is played by Jake Borelli.
Out of the six new interns, Jaicy Elliot is the only one with no experience in acting. This will be her first major role, pretty good huh!

"Grey's Anatomy": A Dancing Intern?

Jeanine Mason has some acting experience, which includes “Bunheads” and “Of Kings and Prophets”, she also did some single episode TV roles.

Welcome to Grey’s, don’t give our girl Bailey too much of a hard time, she is just recovering from being fired by a dead man!

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