GOLD DIGGING 102: Erika Girardi Mimics Yolanda Hadid’s Lure of Men for Money!

Like mother like daughter. Well sort of. In this case, it’s more like what a friend can teach you about the sly and beguiling way to land a filthy rich husband or two and make a name for yourself at the same time. Seems like Yolanda Hadid has got this down pat, while her bestie, Erika Girardi may have learned from the best. We take a parallel look back at Hadid’s marriage to Mohamed which ended in infidelities and sickness after the birth of her son Anwar. She actually broke her back in three places while giving birth because the doctors told her to “push” rather than deliver him by Caesarian section. She laid in bed for the next year and during that time her husband found companionship elsewhere. Her life mimics the same pattern when she married musician David Foster. Traveling the world to find a cure for her Lyme disease, Foster got fed up with coming in second place to her depression and illness. What’s rather ironic is how her bestie, Erika Girardi basically mimicked this pattern of behavior. She found the richest guy she could land after saying tootaloo to her three-year-old son.


GOLD DIGGING 102: Erika Girardi Mimics Yolanda Hadid’s Lure of Men for Money!

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Both women were interested in fame and they certainly found it when they were brought onto Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ where instant stardom occurred. Yolanda may have taught her protégé Erika very well. The two are longtime friends who seem to have more in common with how to land a filthy rich husband and never look back. These ladies may not be formerly educated however they’ve got street smarts and that goes a long way in Beverly Hills. You know darn well Erika Girardi is not madly in love with her 77-year old fossil of a husband. She married him because of his fat wallet just as Yolanda did twice before her.


Written by Riley Mathews

“Normal is Boring” ~Riley



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