‘Game of Thrones’ S7E1 Ravens: Starks Sisters Belong On Another Show

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'Game of Thrones' S7E1 Ravens: Starks Sisters Belong On Another Show

GOT Season 7 Episode 1

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Ravens

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Welcome to the ‘Game of Thrones’ experience. After a year of off season banter, the ravens have arrived with official news.

'Game of Thrones' S7E1 Ravens: Starks Sisters Belong On Another Show

The first episode of the penultimate season of ‘Game of Thrones’ signifies the moment where we place a Home Goods candle in the air and bid farewell to a show we once knew. ‘Game of Thrones’ has now entered the land of “whatever will, shall go”. Every crevice of Arya and Sansa’s story lines reek of writers who either never understood G.R.R. Martin’s universe or who no longer give a care about the previous laid rules because they have paramount messages to disperse. Let’s go with the latter.

Arya meeting friendly soldiers on the road and Sansa boldly interrupting a newly ordained king without anyone checking her “disrepeck” at the door is preposterous at best. Add Cersei and Euron’s cartoonish first date and we have hackneyed plots only 60 minutes into a new season. And do we need to talk about Sam discovering information in the lost files of the Citadel that was given to him two arcs ago by Stannis Baratheon himself? “Oh look y’all, there really is a shart ton of dragonglass at Dragonstone”. Huh?

'Game of Thrones' S7E1 Ravens: Starks Sisters Belong On Another Show

Thank goodness all was not lost. There were fresh perspectives in this season opener. Life has gotten considerably better for the Hound since he left his day job as head knight of the late brat king, Joffrey Baratheon. As a professional travel companion, the Hound is slowly growing a heart that interests the ever elusive Lord of Light, R’hllor. What the Hound sees in the fires, lets us know the rising army beyond the wall is not some Northern fairytale. We knew that bit of information, but the Hound certainly did not.

Following a similar trend, our heros embrace newness like the champs they were born to be! Daenerys lands at Dragonstone, pulling down Baratheon banners. She claims her ancestral home; a place she has not been since she was a baby. The Targaryen queen is all business from the start.

Jon Snow, king of the North, follows in his father-uncle’s footsteps. He is fair, just and destined to fall into the same problems he encountered at Castle Black. Some characters never learn. Great. He would not be Jon Snow if he carried on as someone else. The bad part is we fearfully wait for the other riding boot to drop – out of Sansa’s hands right onto his face.

Last, but not the least bit unexpected; there was a White Walker sighting. However, we were shocked to see them in the first few scenes of the episode which was highly reminiscent of season 1. Apparently, similar to back then, the army of the dead is rapidly on the move. They have all sorts of reanimated corpses including blue-eyed giants. Looks like the mythological aspects of this show have come full circle. We could not be more excited.

“Dragonstone” may not be a top 10 episode of GOT (all time), but it pulls ranks as season starters go. Not bad. Not great. 7.1 was mostly good.

'Game of Thrones' S7E1 Ravens: Starks Sisters Belong On Another Show

1. The war for the Iron Throne is still on despite Death encrouching the Wall.
2. Be on the look out for Euron’s magnificent “make Cersei a bride” gift. It hass to be important.
3. Add Sansa and Littlefinger to the “see first” section of your mental media. They are definitely two people to keep an eye on in the North.
4. Bran and Meera have crossed the Wall into Castle Black. Whenever Bran moves, destruction follows. Remember that.
5. Jorah’s cure storyline will most likely tie into a larger mythological question.
Did we miss anything? Drop your knowledge in the comments section. The maesters will be ecstatic!

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Written by Nat P.

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