Former Brother-In-Law Outs Caitlyn Jenner…Secrets Revealed!

Former Brother-In-Law Outs Caitlyn Jenner...Secrets Revealed!


Caitlyn Jenner’s brother in law has secrets that Cait didn’t put in her book “The Secrets of My Life”.

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Joseph Presti has a son with Caitlyn’s younger sister Lisa Jenner and claims that Caitlyn AKA Bruce hinted about his interest to become a woman in his earlier marriages.


Former Brother-In-Law Outs Caitlyn Jenner...Secrets Revealed!


He allegedly used to pose naked in front of his mirror. Well, apparently this happened years before he married Kris. His family thought it was a joke when Bruce in his 20’s or 30’s used to talk about being a girl.

Caitlyn’s former brother in law Chris Marulli was skeptical of the reason Bruce became Caitlyn. He thinks it was done for attention, everything going on in her life is all about the attention he states.

Former Brother-In-Law Outs Caitlyn Jenner...Secrets Revealed!

He also stated that Kris was the reason for Caitlyn’s father being displaced. Marulli states that before the marriage to Kris the Jenners were close. He also said that Kris Jenner shared an embarrassing story on how Bruce would stand in front of the mirror with his Olympic medals on for hours just staring at himself.

Marulli also stated the attitude of Bruce aka Caitlyn changed after he won the gold medals. He also says that Cait only likes to hang with a certain class of people, so what class would that be?” the crazy class” because in my opinion, they are all crazy!

Former Brother-In-Law Outs Caitlyn Jenner...Secrets Revealed!

I am sure there are a lot more secrets out there, which will just drag this circus on and on! I say get over it already, people are tired of hearing about this.

There have been no comments from either Kris or Caitlyn on these revelations from the former brother in law.

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