First Ever “Bachelorette” Trista Sutter Hospitalized in Europe!


The first “Bachelorette” premiered in January of 2003 and Trista Rehn chose fireman Ryan Sutter as her beau, the couple was married that same year in December of 2003. On June 1, Trista Sutter and husband Ryan were on vacation with their two children in Croatia and she had a seizure. Trista was rushed to the hospital and eventually released with no word on what caused the seizure.


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First Ever “Bachelorette” Trista Sutter Hospitalized in Europe!


Trista Instagrammed a picture saying that “This was me yesterday … two hours after I had a seizure … two hours after I fell on my daughter’s chest and she watched, along with her brother and grandparents, in confusion and horror as her mommy stared blankly off into the distance and started turning blue,” and added “I ended up in a Croatian hospital being poked and prodded and wondering ‘Why me?’ But today, I had to ask, ‘Why not me?’ I’m human. I have an expiration date. I’ve always envisioned that date being sometime after my kids have graduated college, met the loves of their lives and created families of their own, but I was reminded yesterday that it could come anytime, in any country, whether I’m surrounded by strangers or people I love, or neither, or both,” and “I’ve never been perfect and I never will be, but from here on out, I vow to try my best to live this life to the fullest.”


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