Farrah Abraham and Ex Simon Saran Blast Each Other on Twitter!!

Farrah Abraham and Ex Simon Saran Blast Each Other on Twitter!!

Teen Mom OG viewers have witnessed many online fights between Farrah Abraham and her co-stars Amber Portwood, Maci Bookout and Catelynn Baltierra, not to mention numerous others. This past Monday, it was Farrah’s on-and-off-boyfriend, Simon Saran’s turn. The former couple shared a series of unpleasant words via Twitter .

Farrah has been filming overseas for a new reality show called “MTV UK dating show Single AF”. Today, Farrah posted a picture of herself on Twitter in front of her “new home.” Meanwhile, Simon has been sharing pictures on social media documenting his time spent with another woman. Simon decided to share his thoughts on Farrah’s involvement with the new show. Via Twitter, Simon claimed that MTV producers “ruined his relationship” with Farrah by pressuring her into doing the “Single AF” show. “Her producers needed her to play single. Being a slave to money you hurt people along the way,” he wrote. Simon also tweeted that Farrah’s daughter Sophia is “growing up without a dad and now sometimes a mom”, due to Farrah leaving her daughter to travel participate in the dating show. Simon continued, “Farrah doesn’t know what she wants. She should be home with Sophia. Instead she’s dating famewh0re dickheads. Gets old.” Simon goes on to say, “MTV ‘Single AF’ wasted all that money traveling the world and couldn’t find Farrah a date”

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Farrah Abraham and Ex Simon Saran Blast Each Other on Twitter!!

Farrah replied to Simon’s antics with a tweet, “FYI Simon is not in my life and really is hurt I’ve moved on the ride is over stop talking bout and tv if your over me,” she tweeted. Basically this means that Farrah believes that Simon is hurt because she’s moved on and he is no longer getting a “free ride”. Simon replied back, “Worst ride ever.”
“Why are you trying to get attention, your pathetic and I’m a great mother, professional, friend and women go stop using me for money,” Farrah fired back. “I’m happy I get to travel the world and meet great people unlike you at home stalking my dates and social thank me for making you.”
Simon claimed that Farrah was “blowing up” his phone the previous night, however according to Farrah, it was Simon who was texting her. “Get a life- no one wants your nasty low life style your hateful, user, fame whore,” she said to him.

Simon confirmed that he filmed an MTV “Teen Mom” special with Farrah earlier this year, which is still set to air. Simon also informed followers that this will be the last time viewers will see him on TV. Not surprisingly, Farrah made sure to let everyone know that if it wasn’t for her, Simon would not have gotten the “Being Simon” special. “Thanks2me you got your own ‘Being Simon’ special,” she tweeted. “LMAO Simon wants to be on TV so much ! F**kin joke! Be thankful not hateful.” Many fans of the show are familiar with Simon’s less than positive views on the show, “Teen Mom” producers and cast mates. Despite this, he has filmed for the past several seasons of “Teen Mom”. In regards to the upcoming special, Simon replied to Farrah saying “Actually if you remember I didn’t want to film it. Come on girl! You know me better than that. I don’t need fame. I was made before you.”

This was probably just like any other day to Farrah. Are you bummed to find out that we will not see much more of Simon on TV? Do you think that fame is behind the reason for Simon’s interest in Farrah in the first place?

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