FAKE! ‘RHOA’ Porsha’s Entire Storyline Plotted to Avoid Getting Fired!

Well she was let go as a housewife and removed from the credits once so why couldn’t it happen again? And that’s exactly what the ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s’ Porsha Stewart thought as she plotted and planned her own fake story-line to avoid being let go…again. Her on again, off again, so called boyfriend, who has known her for years, said nothing about their relationship is the truth. He was seen out with a friend recently and they weren’t shy about sharing the details. “They’ve been friends for years and she asked if Todd would do her a favor for a good story line in hopes to not get kicked off the show. The night in this picture was the first-time Todd has been out in public without her in 4 months because Porsha had forced him to stay inside because she didn’t want the secret to get out, that their relationship was bogus. He said he’s in a relationship with her until the reunion. There is so much more to be revealed.”
FAKE! ‘RHOA’ Porsha’s Entire Storyline Plotted to Avoid Getting Fired!
You know over the years, Porsha has gone from being this innocent wife of Kordell Stewart to a lying, conniving and mean-spirited person who will do just about anything to stay relevant. I feel sorry for people like that. She showed her true colors when she was caught in one lie after another this season and fabricated her entire life for a paycheck.

Written by Riley Mathews

“Normal is Boring” ~Riley


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