Erika Jayne, Queen of Crude Erases Son from Most Memorable Year

I have seen lots of good and bad moms in my life, but after I discovered that Erika Shayne dumped her baby boy, Thomas at his daddy’s door at the age of three, I was shocked. Actually, I was appalled. How cold and disgusting can a mother be?! It’s the reason why that made it so tragic. She did it all to get the lifestyle she wanted for herself, minus her kid. Her son was a mere forgotten, stepping stone to her dream of being the “queen of crude”. All she cared about was to get to the top! That seems like an empty and fruitless life. What the heck was she thinking?!


Riches and fame could never buy the hugs and love her child craved and missed giving her. I hope her son forgave her for leaving him alone at such a tender age. Who does that?!

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Luckily, his father took him from her and raised him. Only his dad knows how sweet his son’s kisses and hugs were. I know little about his father, but from what I see, his son turned out pretty good.


I can see now why her son was never mentioned in her package on Monday night’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Most Memorable Year. It would have been the day she walked away from her kid! What a contrast to Rashad’s story. She didn’t even have a seat saved for him to watch her dance with her partner, Gleb Savchenko.


Erika Jayne, Queen of Crude Erases Son from Most Memorable Year!



Ericka chose to sell her pound of flesh over raising her beautiful son. She left him with his father for a long twelve years. That is incredible. She’s lucky Thomas is talking to her today.


I suspected her past had something that seemed amiss or peculiar. She was too busy with her shovel looking for that “golden ticket” from Mr. ‘Willy Wonka’. When I saw the huge age difference between her and her ‘man’ it looked obvious that it wasn’t love at first sight. It was a love at first buck opportunity! He’s close to one hundred years old and she’s closer to nasty Cruella’s age. But he’s the one who gave her what she wanted. So, to hell with ‘too old’.


It’s good to see that her son, Thomas did fine no thanks to her. He has an honorable career as a police officer. He must be an amazing guy to be kind enough to give her the time of day. He must have a big heart for forgiving her for her absence in his life.


I was no Mother Teresa myself, but with age you learn from your mistakes. You turn your life around and try your best to make up for the bad days. Ericka still looks like she’s out for herself, the almighty dollar, and loads of attention at any cost.


Everyone deserves another chance to redeem themselves and maybe that day will come, but until then I pity her, because her life is so shallow and superficial. Nothing about her is real.


I noticed there was a bad vibe between her and the judges panel the first two weeks. The judges tried to be a bit softer and kinder with her on Monday night. They might have been a bit rough with her after her first few dance routines, but the advice they gave her only emboldened her to be more generous with her booty busting moves! That outfit and her dance number were a tad too much. Could that be why Thomas was a no show?!


She had a tirade behind the scenes because she didn’t like being told that she looked too raunchy for the judges’ taste. That must have convinced the panel to go easier on her on Monday night’s show. Boo-hoo hoo!! What a cry baby! It is what it is. Isn’t raunchy your specialty, Ms. sexy?!


Written by Susie

“Health is wealth” Susie






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