Erika Girardi’s Husband, Tom, Spotted Out With Blonde

Is Tom Girardi cheating on his wife, Erika? Spotted at the famous Polo Lounge last month with a very nice-looking younger woman, Girardi and his blonde companion were seen getting a little touchy-feely with one another over dinner. And Erika was no where in sight!

A witness told OK! Magazine that she couldn’t believe she was witnessing the 77-year old Girardi canoodling with another woman! When the magazine asked who his dinner companion was, Girardi simply replied she was a friend and colleague.
Being married to the free spirit and her alter ego Erika Jayne, known for her raunchy performances, for over 20 years, it’s surprising to think he’s out trolling for a younger model, but the man definitely has a type. They give no indication that there’s trouble in paradise and in the few scenes Tom has appeared in on his wife’s reality reality, ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’, the couple appears solid.
So, maybe everything was on the up and up and the mystery blonde is just a friend. Maybe the couple has an open relationship and can do what they want-the price Erika pays for the luxuries of being married to a wealthy man. There’s been no word from Erika Girardi about the article in OK! magazine. Wonder what Erika Jayne has to say about it?

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