Erika Girardi Speaks Out About Her Life And Whether She’s Returning To RHOBH!

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Is there ever a way to really get up close and personal with someone who refers to herself in the third-person and calls herself an enigma? No, I highly doubt it. However a recent health scare and injury had fans across the globe fawning and worrying about Erika Girardi when she announced she was having surgery after an injury on DWTS. On Tuesday night in Santa Monica, Erika was seen with her Publicist and his partner and she was asked how she was after her hospital stay. She responded, “I’ll be fine. The process of healing is slow. I’m much better. I had a little surgery and you know I’m okay. We’re healing.” When pressed for details about the specifics of the procedure she shut down completely. Was there even an injury? Why does everything about this woman have to be kept in a hidden vault? And who is we? “We’re healing?” Did you clone yourself or something Erika? Be real. It just gets exhausting trying to figure her out.


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Her publicist, Jack Ketsoyan spoke about her attending the event on Tuesday and said, “She’s the most amazing to even come out and on a crazy week we have … with all the performances she has, so it’s a big deal for me.” Settle down dude. She’s not showing up for anyone except herself trust me. What did catch my eye was the fact that she’s going to be performing in LA at the Gay Pride Festival this weekend and back in the studio working on her next song. “Coming up this Season you’ll get to see that happening,” she said about her videos which tells all of those fans that gush and goo over her that she’ll be back for her third year of the ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.’ Ahh the good old days when she wasn’t on the show and everything wasn’t all about her. At least those of us who don’t think she’s all that can remember when the show was great.


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