Erika Girardi Says Getting Letters From Convicted Murderers Who Want Sex Is Fun!

Erika Girardi Says Getting Letters From Convicted Murderers Who Want Sex Is Fun!

In a recent and rare interview, ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Erika Girardi answered personal questions posed to her and many of her responses seemed more than puzzling. Initially she spoke about her fame and how she had nine, number 1 dance songs on the charts and a second album in the works. We all know that since either she or Mikey seem to be jamming that down our throats at every opportunity they get. Then the questions began to probe her personal life and BuzzFeed wanted to know if she’s more comfortable on stage or at a dinner party. No big surprise there…being front and center performing gyrating half nude is more her speed. She was asked who she identifies and enjoys most and she said Kyle…not Yolanda her supposed bestie who she told everyone she was so close to. I found that odd. “Oh Kyle! Oh yeah! Kyle’s a good time. Great dancer too. She likes to have a good time. She’s just easy. And she enjoys herself. She’s down to earth.” When asked to recall a moment from last season that didn’t make it on camera for us to see instead of giving an example she spoke of herself and how embarrassed she was that she fell off a jet ski. “I looked like a complete fool” she said. Umm that wasn’t the question Erika…ok though. You know the more I find out about her the less I enjoy her. She spoke about how she is recognized everywhere she goes now and loves the attention. Sleeping is her favorite thing to do when she’s not working and she can’t, won’t and doesn’t cook. Not now, not ever. Going out to dinner every evening is her form of cooking.

Erika Girardi Says Getting Letters From Convicted Murderers Who Want Sex Is Fun!

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Erika was then asked if she had a special or secret talent and she replied, “No… wait, well yes I do, but it will remain a secret!” Classy. What really was the most appalling part of the interview was her response when asked what her craziest fan interaction was and she said, “You know what everybody’s really nice. But I did get a letter from prison the other day. From a convicted murderer with no possibility of parole and he told me that he was reaalllly gonna satisfy me in all the ways that were possible. He was into it you know, so I was too. (She laughs). When asked what her biggest fear in life was she said being afraid of the dark. “Oh wait no I, I guess my biggest fear is obviously my son not coming home. Of course. My son.” You know if all of this isn’t sickening enough she was finally asked who her favorite entertainer was and she immediately replied, Me! Myself! I’m entertained by myself!” News flash Erika there’s a lot of us that are getting really tired of your egotistical attitude and the fact that you laughed and thought having a convicted murderer write to you about the sexual things he wanted to do to you is deplorable. Does the murderer need to apologize to Tom too Erika…or should you?

Written by Riley Mathews

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