“DWTS”: Trio Night Brilliant, Sexy, and Hot!!!

Tuesday night episode of Dancing with the Stars was amazing. The opening number from the pros was brilliant, sexy, and hot. I cannot wait until the summer tour.


Is anyone surprised by Bonner and Sharna elimination? I am not, however the comments from the judges were not very nice nor were the comments appropriate. Did the judges forget what happened to this young man one year ago? He was in a horrific bull ride accident and he is very lucky to be alive and be able to walk again. Bonner did not have any dancing experience and he improved so much since episode 1 and I am very proud of him.

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"DWTS": Trio Night Brilliant, Sexy, and Hot!!!


I am not sure why the judges were so harsh towards him on Tuesday yet they were pretty good to other dancers. I also don’t think that’s it’s fair to bring a celebrity on the show who had dance experience. They may not have ballroom experience but they do have experience in other types of dancing and different types of dancing styles. For example, Heather Morris was a backup dancer for Beyoncé tour, Normani who I really like dances in her music videos with Fifth Harmony and performs all over the world on tour, and let’s not forget Simone Biles who is a gymnast and can bend like no one else and is a gold medalist and is perfect in gymnastics. These celebrities have advantage and celebrities like Bonner or David Ross do not. And we all know the reason why David Ross is still in the game because of his popularity with the Cubs and not his dancing skills. Let’s face it if Dancing with the Stars was all about dancing and ballroom they should bring celebrities who truly have no experience in any kind of dancing. Don’t get me wrong I love this show and I have been watching since season 1 but I am mad about those comments about Bonner. I felt bad for Sharna because the girl deserves a Mirror Ball Trophy. She is a pure talent, fabulous teacher and exceptional choreographer, and yet she hasn’t won not once. I really thought she had a chance with Bonner.


Let’s move on to my favorite dance and trio performance of the night. The night belongs to Normani and no one else.


"DWTS": Trio Night Brilliant, Sexy, and Hot!!!


What can I say besides perfection all the way. Her contemporary routine with Val was so emotional, so raw, and so magical that I had to rewind the routine multiple times. The way Normani expressed herself through that dance was breathtaking. Val is doing such a wonderful job with Normani and their routines that it would be very disappointing if they didn’t win. My favorite trio performance of the night goes to Rashad, Emma, and Witney. Their tango was so hot, so steamy, and so perfect in my eyes that I threw my remote control on the ground when whiny Len gave them a 9. That was a perfect performance in my opinion. The story behind the dance was remarkable. Emma was representing Rashad love interest and Witney was his tramp. The love triangle on the dance floor was executed perfectly. I strongly recommend for everyone to go back and rewatch their performance again. It’s worth it.


"DWTS": Trio Night Brilliant, Sexy, and Hot!!!



Next week we have the finals and I am so happy for the remaining couples. Each of the couples worked very hard to get to that point, each couple represent something else, each couple has a different dance style, and each one of them bring something different to the dance floor. Who do you want to win The Mirror Ball Trophy? I know who I want to win.


Written by Kathy B

~Kathy B. “The Quickie Queen”

















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