“DWTS”: The Final Four Minus Bonner Bolton! He Got the Boot!

We are down to the final four on the race for the mirror ball. The stakes are high along with expectations for each couple. The road to the winner’s circle is getting tighter by the week. Who will win the prized mirror ball? The dancers all got off to a night filled with twists and turns and sometimes eyebrow raising moments.


Monday night’s show was a mixture of romance, freedom, jazz and raunch!
The dance theme was chosen by the pro dancers and it was interesting to watch how the dancers interpreted the routines on the dance floor.

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Emma Slater and Rashad Jennings did the jive. According to the judges it was fantastic, fun and energetic, but were told -footwork needs some more polish. Rashad and Emma Slater’s little dance number scored a nine across the board. For me it was, eh. Sorry Rashad.


Normani Kordei and Val Chmerkovskiy did a moving dance to the song ‘Freedom’. It gave me the feel of a scene out of “The Color Purple”. It was riveting, beautiful and filled with painful emotion. I loved it!


“DWTS”: The Final Four Minus Bonner Bolton! He Got the Boot!


Bonner Bolton was feeling discouraged and a bit upset. The feisty cowboy walked out on Sharna Burgess during rehearsal! What happened to love and kisses?! The honeymoon must be over. The Argentine tango they did looked just as broken up as they did. It looked a bit stiff. But surprisingly It was intense and passionate. The chemistry between he and Sharna Burgess was a mixture of fluidity and tension. But I think Bonner has come a long way. Has he become a contender in the final weeks of “DWTS”?


“DWTS”: The Final Four Minus Bonner Bolton! He Got the Boot!


Simone Biles and Sasha Farber’s goal is to get to the top of the leader board. Getting their second dance on point was a challenge for Biles. She wasn’t feeling the ‘beautiful ‘in her rehearsal, but on the dance floor she showed just how beautiful she truly is. She shined like a true dancing star. That girl has some skills. Why the judges were being hard on her is a mystery to me. But surprisingly they all gave her nines.


David and Lindsey’s waltz was pure and sentimental. It was serenely breathtaking! It made me get misty when Lindsey stood on David Ross’s feet. It was his best dance in my book. It brought memories of me and my daddy dancing on the living room floor as a child. David deserved the nines he scored tonight.


“DWTS”: The Final Four Minus Bonner Bolton! He Got the Boot!


Rashad Jennings, Emma Slater and Whitney Carson performed a Trio tango that was Wow! Perfect routine! It was sultry and sexy, but done in very good taste. Rashad told that story well! I agree with the judges. It was his best dance and was spot on! Carrie Ann got it right tonight!


Normani Kordei, Val Chmerkovskiy, Bersten & Bonner’s country Western jive was cute and done with lots of energy and great style! Len wasn’t too impressed with the booty dancing on the judge’s desk and I didn’t like it either Normani. It was a waste of dance, but Len pulled out a nine despite his critique.


“DWTS”: The Final Four Minus Bonner Bolton! He Got the Boot!


Bonner Bolton’s trio dance was no dance. It was nothing but raunchy and dirty. If Carrie Ann Inaba needed a shower after Bonner and Sharna’s dance trio then it was definitely inappropriate for TV. Ugh.


“DWTS”: The Final Four Minus Bonner Bolton! He Got the Boot!


Sasha and Biles trio Pasó Doble looked precise and perfect. Without warning the judges jumped on Simone Biles like wolves full of howl and bite. Why, I don’t know. Simone looked totally pissed off. I liked her comeback to Carrie Ann Inaba. “Smiles don’t win gold medals.” She got that right!


“DWTS”: The Final Four Minus Bonner Bolton! He Got the Boot!


For David Ross’s Pasó Doble trio, he danced like a stiff piece of spaghetti! The music was intense and the theme and scenery to their dance number was very eye catching, but he just didn’t meet up to the grandeur of the dance routine.


How he passed to the semi-finals is a shock to me. David Ross is not a better dancer than Bolton Bonner! But I am guessing David has a greater fan base than bull-rider Bolton. Hasta la vista Bonner Bolton. Ride along little doggy!


Now let’s get those fingers going and vote for the final four! The semi-finals are upon us!!!


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