“DWTS”: The Fans Got It Right…Time to Fight for the Mirror Ball!

Dancing with The Stars was all about the movies tonight. The dance teams picked a theme and danced their hearts out. It was quite an interesting evening. Movies have always been one of my top forms of entertainment and dancing the second on my list of things to do or watch. My favorite dance tonight was the Charleston with the silent movie theme.


“DWTS”: The Fans Got It Right...Time to Fight for the Mirror Ball!

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Sasha Farber and Simone Biles were in top form tonight. They danced to “Charleston” a song by Bob Wilson and His Varsity Rhythm Boys. Sasha and Biles really impressed me tonight. Their dance routine looked very complex, but cute and energetic. I loved it. They took me back to the twenties era. It is one of my favorite time periods. I would like to go back in time to see what life was like back in the Roaring Twenties. I missed it by a few decades.


Bonner Bolton and his partner Sharna Burgess started the evening with a western theme. It was not a bad choice for bull rider, Bonner. It was right up his alley. They chose a Pasó Doble for their dance. I thought it was choreographed well. It was cute and Bonner looked like he was enjoying himself. He looked like he was right at home in that western outfit and saloon. Len let him know that he needed to be more of a bullfighter than a cowboy. But, hey, you can’t take the cowboy out of the bull rider, Len! I enjoyed that West World feel of it like the judges mentioned during their positive feedback. Carrie Ann Inaba thought they did well and enjoyed the elegance of their dance, but felt that they needed more fierceness. What dance was she watching? I thought that jump he did onto the saloon table was fierce. Grr. I was not a happy fan when they gave him a lousy 29! He was doing mighty fine to me.


“DWTS”: The Fans Got It Right...Time to Fight for the Mirror Ball!


As the night went on I kept getting more upset and discouraged with the scores some of the dancers were receiving. They were giving some pretty high scores to the ‘not so great dancers’. Nancy Kerrigan was one of them. She looked like a dancing ironing board. Remember those!? What little hip action she had going on was comical. I thought she was having a depends moment! She has no idea how to look sexy on the dance floor. Poor girl. She is just too stiff. Which judge said her dance was impeccable!? It was Ms. Carrie Ann. What is that woman drinking? Len propped her up, too. I am not an expert, but she was far from elegant. Not relaxed is not elegant in my opinion. I missed the whole romance theme. I get more romance from my doggy when he gives me morning kisses. However, Carrie did say she needs to do something about those arms. She is right. Nancy flails her arms like she’s ET. After all that, I was shocked that she and Artem Chigvintsev scored a 36! No way. I thought if she didn’t go home tonight I would cry foul and fixed.


Nick Viall, of the Bachelor looked a bit afraid of getting dangerous with Peta Murgatroyd tonight. What a boring routine. It was cold in my opinion. No connection and no real emotion. Len thinks he improved. Really? Len thought he was a true dancer? He earned a zero from me. What juices did Bruno see flowing? The poor guy said he was dehydrated and it showed. I didn’t see a drop of juice flowing from him, period. If you ask me, he got a pity vote! Two nines and eights! That is ridiculous. Cramp my butt. Max had surgery and he did a great routine before they tossed him off the dance floor! Man up, Nick!


Rashad Jennings and Emma Slater chose a Horror Pasó Doble. I loved the intro to the dance. They did a terrific job! What great story telling! It was awesome. When’s the movie coming out, Rashad!


“DWTS”: The Fans Got It Right...Time to Fight for the Mirror Ball!


Len, honey, that’s what lots of passion and energy look like. Bruno got it right. I agree with his complimentary points. Rashad got my attention. He definitely deserved that high score! I would have given them elevens across the board! Ole, Mr. Jennings, you killed it! But, alas, it wouldn’t be the best dance of the night.


I should have missed this routine and gone to the fridge for some ice cream. David Ross and Lindsay Arnold did a
sci-fi salsa and in my dancing book, it was a dud. I didn’t like that one bit. It was not even close to being a salsa. David was dancing like it was his first night on ‘DWTS’. When he lifted Lindsay up and over his shoulders it was too mechanical. He looked uncomfortable, not smooth and flawless. Len thought it was fun, I thought it was dumb. I was dumbfounded when they scored straight eights across the panel of judges. That’s why I think this whole show is fixed. They got eights for what!? A bowl of oatmeal seemed more exciting to me than that cold, lousy sci-fi number they did.


“DWTS”: The Fans Got It Right...Time to Fight for the Mirror Ball!


Normani Kordei and Val Chmerkovskiy were great! The Argentine tango dance was amazing. It brought tears to my eyes. It’s beauty and passion was perfect! Muy sexy! Those two earned best dance of the night with that hot little number. They got tens across the board. I would have given them elevens and a free trip to Disneyland. These two are headed for the mirror ball! What a night!


“DWTS”: The Fans Got It Right...Time to Fight for the Mirror Ball!


Unfortunately, it ended on a sad note. I won’t lie, it was the best part of the show for me. Two couples were eliminated at the end of the night. But I was thrilled to see that my favorites were still safe and going on to the next round.


“DWTS”: The Fans Got It Right...Time to Fight for the Mirror Ball!


Sadly, there wasn’t enough time to listen to Nancy and Nick Vaill say their goodbyes, but I was happy to see that the fans finally got it right and sent them both packing. Now it is time for the contest to begin!!


Written by Susie

“Health is wealth” Susie






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