Wow! Charo, the flamenco ‘Reina’ surprised me! That woman is muy loca, but lovable! She’s got that fire and pasión going on. I wish I had her energy. I only move that fast when my bladder is full! She is so funny and cute. I have never seen such spunk. They need to put a leash on that girl. She had us on the floor laughing on her first night with her crazy persona. Keo Motsepe is going to have to learn how to tame that wild child.

I love her and admire her for her free spirit. That woman is pretty good on the dance floor for her golden age. She’s great with a guitar, too. She was mentored as a young girl by Andre Segovia in classical and flamenco guitar. I’m impressed.

Not only is Charo a great entertainer she is also very ‘inteligente’! She has quite a long history in the entertainment world. She has a few movies under her belt and a long list of other accomplishments. She caught the eye of famous Latin band leader Xavier Cugat when she was a young, unknown entertainer. He scooped her up and changed her life forever. He introduced his new star, Charo, to America and the rest is history.

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Cugat and Charo became a couple and they married in August of 1966. She was 16 when she married him and he was sixty! The marriage didn’t last. I wonder why?! Ha.

After her divorce from Cugat she continued with her career as a musician, singer and actress. She has been on the Tonight Show, she appeared on Carol Burnett, Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In and more recently on the reality show The Surreal Life. That gained her a whole new following of fans. The ‘Cuchi Cuchi’-sexy Charo has been interesting to watch throughout her career. I was not a big fan of her years ago, but now I have discovered that I like her. I hope she doesn’t get the boot right away. I want to see more of her antics and her dancing skills.

I was really moved by the interview she gave on her disappointment with last night’s results. When she said, “she wished it was her that got eliminated instead of Chris Kattan”. I was seeing a whole new side of Charo. What a sweetheart. I would not mind having her for a friend. People like her are a rare find. We love you Charo! Keep up the good dancing fight! Pero calmadita, hija. You are going to give Len a heart attack!

Written by Susie

“Health is wealth” Susie

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    Marcy Scrot

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    More like dancing with the C listers and has-beens. No stars in the bunch.

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