“DWTS”: Simone Biles Ready to Breakdown?!

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Simone Biles, the Olympic gymnast is an amazing young woman. She’s been preparing most of her young life to be the best gymnast in the world. She blew me away during the summer Olympics. She’s had to endure years of harrowing schedules to be at the top of her game.


She definitely needs some down time.

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“DWTS”: Simone Biles Ready to Breakdown?!


Taking on this new chapter in the dance world is probably not as easy as we or she might have imagined. Simone was probably thinking nothing could be more difficult than the rough routines she did on the gymnastics floor. Surprise, surprise. This new challenge is knocking her down emotionally and physically. I wouldn’t have the guts or stamina to pull this off in this lifetime or the next!!!


Biles is strong, yet vulnerable and extremely sensitive. She is too hard on herself and needs to learn to open up and ask for that much needed break. How is her pro partner, Sasha Farber going to know when she is feeling overwhelmed if she doesn’t speak her mind? Stand up and speak for yourself, Simone! You are ‘woman’ let’s hear you Roar!


“DWTS”: Simone Biles Ready to Breakdown?!


Her years of discipline in the sports world probably has a lot to do with her reluctance to ask for a much-needed break. Maybe the kick she planted on Sasha’s face was her way of giving him a hint. The poor girl felt so devastated she ran out of the room like a scared, little fox. Is she on the verge of a breakdown? Maybe, maybe not, but let’s cheer her on till the end. Her energy is boundless! She’ll pull through!


Here is a quote from these two amazing pros during a very tense rehearsal. “Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with Sasha pushing me,” Biles admitted. “I’ve just be so shut off and I don’t really voice my opinion very well.”
“Ever since the Olympics, I haven’t had a break,” said 20-year-old Biles.
“Why don’t you ask me for a break?” Farber, 33, questioned.


They had a rough week and had to work twice as hard to get over that sticky, emotional breakdown.


There was no doubt in my mind that they would make it to their next routine and kill their Disney night number. The hard work paid off! They danced to Moana’s signature song” How Far I’ll Go,” which was sung beautifully by guest, Aalii Cravalho, who was the voice of the character in the animated Disney film.


I’m a huge fan of all things Disney and I thought Simone and Sasha completed the number without a glitch. It was fun, sweet and pure joy to watch. The judges were generous with their compliments to the couple and rewarded them with a high score of 38 out of a possible 40!


Take it easy Simone, be kinder to yourself. Your dedication and hard work are leading you to that mirror ball!


Written by Susie

“Health is wealth” Susie



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