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I am in complete shock what just happened on Dancing with the Stars episode 6. Heather Morris and Maks just got sent home. The back up dancer for Beyoncé, the couple that had the perfect score of the night, a perfect 40, and a perfect night in my opinion went home.


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Let’s rewind a bit. Maks was injured few weeks back during the rehearsal and Allen stepped in as Heather partner. Maks was present at every rehearsal either physically or via satellite to help the pair out. Last week was Disney Night week and Heather danced beautifully with Allen to one of my favorite songs from Frozen “For the First Time in Forever”. It was a Jazz routine which they score a 34 but the comments from the judges were mixed. Carrie Ann felt the routine was not executed well but Bruno and Juliann felt it was perfect, the turns were wonderful, and Heather completely got into the character of Anna. At the end of the night Maks “fired” Allen as Heather partner and he was back in business from his leave due to an injury. On tonight episode Heather and Maks danced Rumba to Waterfalls by TLC and it was breathtaking. The routine, the choreography, the execution of every line, every emotion, every step was EXCEPTIONAL. I have watched this show from season 1 and I have never seen a Rumba like this. Maks did an amazing job and the scores reflected that. Nick Carter was a guess judge on tonight episode and for him that was the dance of the night.



Bruno stated that Heather danced like a champion tonight and Carrie Ann thought the technique was there and the dance was elegant. So what happened? I give you 3 words not enough votes. I was waiting for the judges to throw out a bone to the couple to save them but no such thing happened this evening. I am saddened by their exit. You can catch Heather and Maks tomorrow morning on Good Morning America and see what they thought about their exit. Let’s talk about my favorite dance of the night which belonged to Normani and Val


Normani and Val danced Salsa to Pussy Cat Dolls “When I Grow Up” which is my favorite song of all times from any girl group. Normani is a force to be recognized with. This young lady is a part of another huge girl group Fifth Harmony and she is representing herself and the group amazingly. Her performance this evening was on point, she danced beautifully, hit every single step, and nailed the choreography. I loved Len’s comment tonight “you show cased what a great dancer you are”. It is very hard to please old Len. Not only is Len the oldest judge on Dancing with the Stars but he is all about ballroom dancing and not hip hop. The fact that Normani pleased him was incredible. Normani scored a 38 and I was happy with their score. This evening also featured a group dance. The team boy band vs team girl group. In my opinion the boy band kicked the girls asses. The boys solo was on fire. I recommend for everyone to go back and watch it again because I will. Their Magic Mike solo performance was so sexy, right on point, and simply hot, hot, hot, I was sweating just watching it. Even though the girls got a higher score by one point in my eyes Rashad, David, Bonner, and Nick should have got a perfect 10 across the board. Once again it was a great night, great dancing, but disappointing outcome for one couple.


Written by Kathy B

~Kathy B. “The Quickie Queen”












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