“DWTS”: Sharna Burgess Toying with New Gig ‘Pick Me Camp’ aka “The Bachelorette”!

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Are we that short on our supply of single, decent men today!? Why would a talented, intelligent, and beautiful woman like Sharna Burgess even consider being on “The Bachelorette”!? Please let me know what’s going on in this world. Years ago, meeting men or women in such a manner was embarrassing, demeaning, humiliating and frowned upon. It was something only the desperate resorted to. Back in the day the closest to that arrangement was a blind date. Folks weren’t too keen on that setup either.


Sharna you don’t need a room full of blind dates to moon over you. Have you not heard of creepy guys disguised as wanna-be husbands or studs!? I’ve watched both reality shows once or twice. I actually almost lost my dinner at the concept. I hated both shows. It’s so disgusting watching these guys follow ‘The Girl’ like a bunch of canines in heat. Where did self-respect go? It looks like it resides below the waist – or not at all. I’m baffled that both reality shows have lasted this long. It’s like a tragic comedy. Whoever thinks it’s the ultimate reality show must be on something stronger than aspirin! As far as I am concerned, it’s the ultimate reality joke. It’s like a prank gone terribly wrong!

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“DWTS”: Sharna Burgess Toying with New Gig 'Pick Me Camp' aka “The Bachelorette”!


Both ‘The Bachelorette’ and ‘The Bachelor’ remind me of an old Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton movie. Let me think. Hmmm…It was ‘The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas’! The only thing I liked about that movie was the love song ‘I will Always Love You’ by Dolly Parton. Oh, and of course, Mr. eye candy himself- Burt Reynolds.


Don’t do it, Sharna. Let it happen naturally. But make sure you do a background check before jumping into any new relationship. People are getting stranger out there. You can no longer tell the candy from the nuts.


Sharna is not very convincing when she states that she has no romantic feelings for Bolton Bonner. Too bad she’s booting him to the curb. She only wants what’s best for him on the dance floor. Isn’t that sweet. I don’t believe it. She is a great actress, because she sure had me fooled.


So why is she going on dates with him? She’s been spotted dancing cheek to cheek with Bonner and acting like a school girl. Is she toying with our sexy cowboy? The girl is giving that man mixed messages. Not a good thing. Stop leading the guy on, Sharna. Either you like the man or you don’t.


Throw your fishnet out there in Bachelorette land and see how many real men you catch. I smell narcissist, selfish boys trying to get their fifteen minutes of fame at your expense. Sharna, honey, you are an adult woman who can find a man on your own. Leave the boys at ‘camp pick me’ alone. If a man is worthy of your affection that’s the last place to go hunting for romance.


Sharna may be toying with this new gig, but she’d be better off without the litter of puppies drooling all over her. That is not love by a long shot.


Written by Susie

“Health is wealth” Susie






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