“DWTS”: Rashad Jennings Determined and Committed…Is He Mirror Ball Destined?!

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Rashad Jennings, NFL pro football player, has a great chance of being at the top. He’s determined and committed to his stint on ‘DWTS’ as he is about his game on the football field. He’s as serious as a million-dollar bet! He’s holding nothing back and is taking this experience all in. He’s got what it takes to make his competitors sweat a little. He’s got the looks, the physique and stamina to do whatever his pro partner, Emma Slater throws his way.


His schedule is pretty arduous. Some of us would be calling 911 if we put ourselves through what he does. He is training and rehearsing almost non-stop. It must be nice to be that young and strong. I’m lucky if I can get out of bed in the morning. But truth be told, watching Rashad is inspirational.

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"DWTS": Rashad Jennings Determined and Committed...Is He Mirror Ball Destined?!


No wonder he is still single. He has a loaded plate of activities every day. It isn’t easy to get social when you barely have enough time to eat a meal.


You heard that right, ladies. This gem of a man is fancy and free! But he’s not looking. But he knows what he wants from that special lady when romance comes calling. He wants an intelligent woman who is down to earth and silly. He would love her to leave a legacy of significant importance. That’s not much to ask for, now, is it?


I’m anxious to see how he does in the men’s team dance on Monday. He has to outdo the girls team and since the girls have two Olympians on their side he has his work cut out for him.


Rashad is ready to pull out all the stops and be himself on the dance floor. He can do it. He’s a true dancer waiting to burst out of his shell. I know he will wow his fans with his next dance. I would love to see him do a fiery tango. Emma will teach him how to sizzle on the dance floor. Just look at him! He’s half way there! He could be a model strutting his stuff in Paris or be on the cover of a magazine. Give me some eye drops, honey, you’ve got my eyes on fire!!


He’s excited and ready to win this thing, guys. Let’s do him a huge favor. Vote for him and Emma Slater. We don’t want another shocker like we did last Monday!



Our million-dollar man has a few more weeks to prove himself on ‘DWTS’ and this is how Rashad plans to get through it.


“I keep my head down and I’m just diving into the dance every single week,’ he said of his strategy with partner Emma Slater. “I’m buying into everything Emma is teaching me and trying to let my personality show out on the dance floor. I’m just going to stick to the work.”


I like what Jennings had to say about finding the right girl. he’s got his future lady all picked out. His vision of a dream girl is pretty, simple and sweet. So, girls, go get ’em!


“They’ve got to be goofy,” he says. “[And] intellectually driven. They have to want to leave a legacy in life … be health-conscious. They’ve got to laugh first, I’m an easy-going, everyday type of guy. So, she’s got to be that type of girl.”


Written by Susie

“Health is wealth” Susie






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