“DWTS”: Peta and Maksim Safe Space Broken Into!

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For ‘DWTS’ couple Peta Murgatroyd and Maks Chmerkovskiy things have been a little unsettling for the last few months. But hopefully things will get better from this point on. They’ve had a few bumps going into this new season of their lives.


First, Maks was disappointed that his beautiful fiancée, Peta decided to put a hold on their wedding day. Secondly, he had the injury to his calf and had to undergo surgery to get him back to work and onto the dance floor. After all, he has a new son to support. Yes, a little bit of sunshine is surrounding them with the birth of their adorable baby boy, named Shai Aleksander. He is 4 months old and is as cute as a bug. Those eyes, though. He has his mommy’s eyes.

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“DWTS”: Peta and Maksim Safe Space Broken Into!


Maks and Peta haven’t had time to take a breath during all this season with ‘DWTS’. With hospitals, therapy for Maks, and to add to that, the results on Monday nights ‘DWTS’ – They’ve been hanging on and breaking through it all.


Mondays elimination shook everyone up. Maks and Peta were pretty shocked as we all were. It was quite a disappointment to Maks and Peta. I still can’t believe they axed him and Heather Morris.


But on top of all that, to their dismay, they got more bad news. Their home, their castle, and private safe space was invaded by some guy who claimed he owned it! Luckily, the police were there and Maks greeted them at the door. Maks asked to see the guy that was causing all the ruckus. The guy was drunk and his buddy was blitzed and getting a bit out of hand. The intruder kept telling the police he owned the place!


That is a pretty disturbing experience to have. Personally, I know first-hand how rattled that can leave one. Only we were literally broken into while my husband and I slept! By the grace of God nothing happened to us. My husband bumped into the burglar in the hallway and the guy ran off when he heard all four of our heroic, dogs barking like wolves!


Even though Maks and his family weren’t hurt at the time of this incident, just knowing that this person tried to get into their home was not something they had planned on having to worry about each night, while sleeping in their home with their baby.


The whole mess left Maks scratching his head wondering why all this stuff is happening to him and his little family.


Maks had a few words to say on the matter which led me to believe that he will probably bounce right back from all the things he’s been going through. He is tough and a pretty resilient guy.


During a radio interview with Maria Menounos, Maks spoke to her about the scary incident. (Excerpt)
“That’s some bulls–t. I’m sorry can I say bullshit on your radio. I cannot believe this. It’s like literally in the last set of couple of months there’s just been so much stuff that’s never happened to me before. It’s like a pile of stuff.


Yesterday, you know how it is, you get eliminated you have to fly to GMA. At like 2:20 I wake up, this loud knocking I come down there’s cops. They say there’s a dude outside claiming this is his house. Wait what?! So yeah it was pretty wild. I guess it’s an ongoing thing with the ex-owner of this house. By the way talk about Hollyweird…”


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