Nancy Karrigan has a lot of baggage locked up in that fragile mind of hers. She’s been through some tough times and her childhood was far from sublime. According to Nancy, she was beaten by her brother and his pals while playing soccer. Poor child. Fast forward to the 1994 Winter Olympics -Sadly, she was still getting beaten. Tonya Harding saw to that little criminal act. Nancy was whacked in the knee by Harding’s ex-hubby, Jeff Gillooly and another mindless, idiot hit man – Shane Stant. Tonya didn’t win the gold. Her little scheme died on impact!!

I can still hear Kerrigan whining, I mean crying that famous, screech, “WHY! WHY! WHY!” I felt sorry for her, but I didn’t even cry that loud when I was in hard labor with my three kids! it was a bit melodramatic, don’t ya think?

Unfortunately, the drama hasn’t left the building. She’s becoming a big pain in the whine department. She needs to come back to the dance show with a bit less diva and more ‘get a grip’ on your emotions, girlfriend. This isn’t the apocalypse! This woman doesn’t need a mirror ball trophy, she needs a ‘fizz-a-keya-tryst’. I think Ricky Ricardo would have sent her packing in a hot second. Girl, it’s only a dance contest not Judgement Day. She is 47. It’s time to get her dancing act together. Nancy, if you feel like you are always being criticized maybe it is time to ask why.  But If on occasion someone pays you a compliment go with it. But be easy on your dance partner, Artem-Chigvintsev. Relax and enjoy the masquerade party.

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On the other hand – Nancy, if you were a champion on ice once upon a time, you can make it happen again on the dance floor. Don’t quit! Have fun. You can make it to the finish. You have what it takes if you give yourself a chance. Honey, if you want to dance with the big boys put your Ginger Rogers’s heels on and flick those toes!

Written by Susie P

“Health is wealth” Susie

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