“DWTS”: Heather and Nancy Feud…The Heat is On!!

There is nothing better than a juicy feud to raise those ratings. Right. Do Nancy Kerrigan and Heather Morris really hate each other? Probably not. But it looks that way from all the talk and rumors permeating the ‘DWTS’ air. It is starting to look like déjà vu from Nancy’s and Tanya Harding’s Olympic baton-gate feud. Hide all the batons!

"DWTS": Heather and Nancy Feud...The Heat is On!!

Harris is by far the better dancer. I wouldn’t worry about being the next one out the door. That cat fight will only get her in trouble if she doesn’t focus all her energy on her dancing skills instead of on Nancy’s.
Girls, girls it isn’t high school anymore. Put the claws away! Have you not heard of professionalism!? You are not on WWE. For heaven’s sake just dance.

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"DWTS": Heather and Nancy Feud...The Heat is On!!

There’s nothing worse than animosity towards others. It will bring you tumbling down like Goliath. The little guy will always come out on top. That means we know who will be holding that mirror ball. Frankly, it will be neither of them.

I’ll keep my eyes and ears open to see how this fight ends. It might give them both the desire to improve their game on the dance floor. Sometimes a little bit of healthy ire can transfer onto the dance floor in a positive way, as long as both competitors play fair. See you all at the ring! Oops, I mean the ballroom.

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