“DWTS”: Getting Crazier! No One Is Safe!

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Normani and Val kicked off tonight’s first dance. It was a saucy, sexy Viennese waltz. Normani was sleek, smooth and stunning in her red dress! She and Val lit that place on fire. They needed that rain at the end of their dance to put it out!


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Normani and Val made Len proud. He was pleased with their sultry dance. Bruno thought they turned the dance into sin city. There was a tiny blip, but it didn’t have too great of a negative impact. At least I didn’t think so, but the judges were all over it. Sigh. I gave her 11’s straight up. She was great! One blip and sadly, they only gave her and Val 9’s! That’s crazy.


David Ross and Lindsay did a fox trot, but It looks like the tux didn’t help David look that great on the dance floor once he started to dance. I hate how the judges gush all over him with their over the top praises! Give me a break. He’s a joy to watch, according to Bruno. He could watch him every day! Oh, boy! Joy, joy, joy. Len was the only honest one in the bunch. I thought he sucked. He got nines and eights! Normani beats him by a thousand miles! What happened to honesty? The janitor dancing in the commercial was better than David!


“DWTS”: Getting Crazier! No One Is Safe!


Simone Biles got 10’s tonight! I guess it was makeup scores for making her cry. The dance was great, but not as awesome as Normani’s routine. She is the one that deserved the 10’s in my opinion. But they are both amazing on the dance floor. Which of the two will go on to the finals?


Rashad Jennings danced wonderfully tonight. He looked like the Angel Gabriel. It was ethereal and mesmerizing to watch. Emma Slater and Len Goodman gave him great coaching tips and he followed through with an excellent rumba routine. They only scored 38 out of 40! What a rip off.


Normani’s number to ‘What a Wonderful World” was wonderful and delightful. It was a nicely done Lindy Hop.
Carrie Ann Inaba loved how they polished it into a diamond. It was upbeat and inspiring. Normani got a perfect score!! Her grandma was as happy as a child.


Simone Biles is magic. She did beautifully. Her dance was golden. It was flawless. Len was so impressed he saw nothing he didn’t like. She opened up emotionally and hoped that would help her earn a ten. It did! She scored 40 points! She should be in the finals! She is on top of her game tonight.


“DWTS”: Getting Crazier! No One Is Safe!


Rashad and Emma Slater- Rashad was born in Forest, Virginia. He had a learning disability that caused him to become very depressed. Then he found football! Now he has discovered dancing is his new passion. Rashad said he is a witness to the term “yes you can!” He did the quick step like a pro! He was flitting and floating across that dance floor like Astaire in Top Hat! Wow! But then Len opened his critical mouth! Len is starting to get on my last nerve. He never lets up on Rashad. He needs a laxative if you ask me.


No way! Simone and Sasha on the bottom!? Omg, that is a bunch of bull do-do!! They got eliminated! I can’t take this baloney any more. What a huge mistake this was! I’m tempted to turn off my TV after this night’s show. Something stinks on ‘DWTS’! But, alas. I’m in it for the long haul. If it ends with David Ross winning I will never watch again!


Vote for the best dancers not the most popular, people!  Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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