“DWTS”: Erika Jayne…Madonna and Marilyn Monroe on Steroids?!

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The more I read about Erika Jayne the more difficult it became to justify her behavior. This chick is Madonna and Marilyn Monroe on steroids. Her attitude is her downfall. It makes her unlikable. Who knows what she’s been through in her life to have given her the need to be on the defensive when interacting with others. She is rude and her lewd mouth takes away from any sense of classiness. She is so pretty until she opens her mouth. It’s a sad shame. She must have had a tough life, but so did Sofia Loren! Sofia was beautiful and emanated class and sexiness! I miss the old Hollywood Stars.


Erika’s grown son, Thomas, supports her and happens to be one of her staunchest fans. It’s a bit odd to me that she won’t invite him to a taping of ‘DWTS’ unless she thinks that, indeed, her routines are too ‘raunchy’ for a beloved son to watch. But it’s rather contradictory since most of the time she’s prancing around being the consummate, risqué diva.

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"DWTS": Erika Jayne...Madonna and Marilyn Monroe on Steroids?!


All of a sudden ‘Gidget’- Ericka Jayne is too modest to let Tommy watch her on ‘DWTS’, hmm. She’s a piece of work or is she something else? (Gidget is a fictional character created by author Frederick Kohner(based on his teenage daughter, Kathy) in his 1957 novel,Gidget, the Little Girl with Big Ideas.) -Wikipedia.


If she draws the line when it comes to her son and their relationship that would be understandable, but then again, she defends him by calling him her f—–g kid on RHOBH! A proper lady she is not! It is very unbecoming of a woman and mother of forty-five. Who refers to their own child in such a foul manner? She may have been upset for the right reason, but that’s no excuse for her trashy talk.


No one more than I know what it is like to worry about the safety of their children. Especially while serving the public as a police officer. But It would be nice if she showed him the respect he deserves by not using his name in connection with such a derogatory word.


She was rightfully upset, but to express her anger in this manner left a bitter taste in my mouth. Here is her quote. “Your kid doesn’t put on a uniform every day and night and put his life out on the line for people he doesn’t know,” she said. “Don’t ever talk about my f–king kid again. Shut the f–k up. You don’t know what I deal with every night.” ‘RHOBH’


Ericka is still young, maybe someday she’ll have some self-respect and mature.


Written by Susie

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