“DWTS”: Erika Jane…Too Sexy?!!

Where has Len and the rest of the panel been living-under rocks? This whole time the show has been about ‘barely there costumes’ and shirtless dancers. The dance routines are a bit over the top most of the time. ‘DWTS’ should change its rating to TV-MA. Why are they suddenly acting so shocked with Erika Jayne’s sexiness? That is shocking to me. Erika is naturally beautiful and sensual. She’s got that Marilyn Monroe ‘it’ factor. They need to tone down the rest of the shows platform for all their dancers before they start singling out, Erika Jayne, star of the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’.

"DWTS": Erika Jane...Too Sexy?!!

This is how Erika and Gleb responded to her critiques. “You know what, I felt like it was being sexy. To each his own,” she countered. “I think sometimes we as women are held to a different standard than perhaps some other people.”
Her partner agreed. “I didn’t think it was raunchy,” Gleb added. “I thought it was confident and sexy.”

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"DWTS": Erika Jane...Too Sexy?!!

Why not invite characters like ‘The Flying Nun’ to dance on the show to calm their imaginary, sensual nerves. Such hypocrisy is a real turnoff.

The ladies on the judges’ panel often dress very sensually and Len seems very accepting of their attire. If a woman looks sexy she doesn’t need to dress half naked. That attractiveness comes from within a person – guy or gal. Cary Grant and Carole Lombard were the sexiest pair on the planet without the booty-shaking moves and bursting, shirtless abs.

"DWTS": Erika Jane...Too Sexy?!!


The very risqué costumes the dancers often wear, make them look rather raunchy and is unnecessary in my book. However, to target a dancer for being too sexy is ridiculous and a double standard, don’t y’all think? Leave her alone. Don’t sabotage her performances with your unfair comments. If you ask me, they can all do with more fabric on those costumes. Including ‘our miss sexy’. Sorry, Erika. But it is true. On the other hand, the routines are not her creation, they are choreographed by her pro partner, Gleb Savchenko, and it is on his shoulders if she looks too, “oolala! ” for the judges. All the dancers dance that way most the time. What is up with that?! They get a pass, but Erika gets tossed under the dancing bus!

"DWTS": Erika Jane...Too Sexy?!!

I give Erika my applause for putting everyone on notice about her sexiness. All I can say is that you can’t destroy an aura of sensuality from someone’s soul. Deal with it!

Dear judges, once you let the raunchy out of the closet it’s hard to reel it back in. We have noticed that each season the shows have gotten worse. They have pushed that envelope too far into the near-naked abyss.

This might be the last time we watch it if they don’t clean it up. I don’t want to get too comfortable with what ‘Dancing With the Stars ‘ is selling, lest I become one of the hypocrites.

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