“DWTS”: Emma Slater…When In Doubt Keep Your Clothes On!

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Let me start with this simple question. Who in their right mind takes photos of themselves half naked or naked and believe that no one will ever see them!? Do these two grown women not have half a brain between them!? One of the hacked or stolen pictures shows Emma Slater uh, modeling in a dressing room, while another photo shows Dancing with the Stars Team member Brittany Cherry posing topless! ‘Wth’ is wrong with young women today!


Emma, sweetheart, you are a dancing professional. Act like one. These women have absolutely no common sense. I wonder if they are going to tell their pre-teens one day how stupid they were for taking nasty photos of themselves and got their behinds hacked. I can imagine how these women are going to tell them. Do as I say, but don’t you dare do what I did for the world to see! How ignorant can these two be?

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"DWTS": Emma Slater...When In Doubt Keep Your Clothes On!


Emma, forgive me, but you are the one who set yourself up for getting victimized by a phone hacker. If you would have kept your private business private, you wouldn’t be in this predicament, would you, darlin!


When you feel compelled to flash the world your body parts on a device that is absolutely not private, think twice. Don’t cry foul! No one forced you to act like a fool on your phone. How old are you?! This is so sad. Kids see the immature adults doing this stupid stuff like it’s so cool and normal. The world has gone to hell in a plethora of nudie pics of both adults and young kids. It’s become a disturbing epidemic. It can lead to so many unsavory things. I don’t feel sorry for her for a minute. She should be a good role model for young folks.


If young men or women professional or not did that back in the day it would have been a career killer!


If you’re upset over your boobs being bounced around through endless media types, blame yourself for your poor choices. Grow up. You can gawk at your nakedness when you jump out of the shower, for God’s sake.


Now, suddenly, dear Emma, is shy, upset and embarrassed. Give me a reason to believe that story. When out in public it is best to keep the clothes on girls. Stay off the new peep show camera phones!



"DWTS": Emma Slater...When In Doubt Keep Your Clothes On!



If you are that desperate to see what God gave you, invest in a Polaroid. I hear they are all the rage once again. After you spend hours ogling at yourself, burn the damn things! I think the ‘Tin Man’ would have known to do that and he didn’t have a brain!!


If you want to keep them so you can see what you looked like once upon a time, go get a safety deposit box and stuff them in there. You can go stare at them when you hit your 70’s and bawl your eyes out!
Like I said before, ‘DWTS’ needs to clean up its act.


Written by Susie

“Health is wealth” Susie






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