“DWTS”: Emma Slater & Rashad Jennings Bring Down the House!!

Rashad, Rashad – be still my heart. Tonight, you have blessed my soul. This man is a true man of God. There is nothing more beautiful than a man who honors his mother and father with such devotion and love. That is what real men are made of. They know the true meaning of life and unconditional love. His priorities are right on target. Not only is he charming and an excellent dancer, but he is a caring and humble man. I was blown away by his dance and the whole package he and his ”DWTS’ amazing dancer, Emma Slater presented. They danced to Katy Perry’s beautiful song ‘Unconditional’. Every movement on the dance floor was magical and breathtaking to watch. It was a dance that dreams are made of. It was sheer artistry from beginning to end. I lost it when he ended the dance and lovingly embraced his father and his mother. No matter what happened between he and his dad it all melted away with that special moment between them.

DWTS": Emma Slater & Rashad Jennings Bring Down the House!!

He pretty much left us all emotional and blubbering by the end of his routine. Juliette Hough was so touched by his dance number that she could barely utter a word.

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Our parents sometimes make mistakes when raising us and we make some of our own along the path of life, as well. It destroys some of us. However, it is our choice how we choose to deal with it. Rashad Jennings’s story touched me, because my husband and I could relate to it. It took years to understand why things happened when we were growing up. Forgiving our parents was not an easy thing to do, but like Rashad, when you find peace in your heart through the heart of Christ anything is possible. Nothing is more important in life than one’s family. In the end that’s all we have. Fame fades, riches can corrupt and sometimes ruin our lives. Holding a grudge can destroy instead of heal.

DWTS": Emma Slater & Rashad Jennings Bring Down the House!!

Rashad is a blessed man and so are his parents. He is an example we should all follow. The world would be a much better place if we were more like this man of God. Peace and love would abound and that is what this world of ours needs. Some folks disparage Christian men and women. I find it refreshing and powerful. It’s what brings us together as one. I have found a new respect and admiration for Rashad. He boldly came forward and shared with the world his love for God! I am confident that he will be running a good race against his competitors. As John Lennon said, “all we need is love”! “Love is all we need!”

Written by Susie Perales

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