“DWTS”: Date Bonner Bolton?! Heck Yeah!!

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I would be knocking on that man’s door with a big old bowl of Texas Chili and mend that cowboy’s broken body with some hugs and kisses. Yep! He is a delicious, flaming spit fire. Oh, lawd, Jesus.


Sharna should skip that  ‘Bachelorette ‘ gig and jump at a chance to lasso this hunk. He is courageous, adventurous, a survivor and mighty nice to look at. Don’t y’all think!?

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Bonner can ride a bull and dance circles around one, too! Olé He is ready to tackle any routine his beautiful partner, Sharna hands him. I never would have guessed that he was once paralyzed. He moves so effortlessly on the dance floor. He has improved greatly from the first four weeks of’ ‘Dancing With the Stars’. If he continues at this pace he will definitely be giving the rest of the troupe a run for their money. His scores weren’t too disappointing. I expect they will be earning higher scores in the weeks to come.


“DWTS”: Date Bonner Bolton?! Heck Yeah!!


Sharna and Bonner look like the prince and princes you see at the end of a Disney movie. How romantic. They are such a lovely sight to behold. They glide across the room in each other’s arms like two lovers alone in a far-off land. That is what I love about some of the numbers and choreography that our pro dancers put together on ‘DWTS’. They take us to our happy place every week.



If these two are dating does it really matter? I think our dancers grow to care for one another. Some more seriously and deeply than others. If this is their destiny, wonderful. If not, there is always the Bachelorette. Not that I would go that route, but to each his own.


You meet people or you watch them on TV, but you never know who they really are and what they have been through. I was totally surprised when I watched on Monday’s Most Memorable Year that Bonner Bolton had almost lost his life doing what he loves to do most in life. He broke his neck and had to start from scratch to walk and function well enough to jump back onto his bull-riding dream.


“DWTS”: Date Bonner Bolton?! Heck Yeah!!


Bolton was paralyzed from the neck down and thought he would never walk again. I believe in miracles and so does sweet, ole Bolton Bonner. I can relate to his horrific accident. My hubby lost his eyesight and was completely paralyzed for an entire year. He spent that whole year in the hospital. His mama told him to pray for a miracle. God answered his prayers after a long, terrifying year. He walked out of that hospital able to walk and see! He had to go to rehab for a while. So, I can understand why Bonner was grateful to be alive and still on the right side of the grass. Amen to that, honey.


Bonner beat paralysis, went back to pro bull-riding, and he danced his heart out on Monday. Sharna has nothing to worry about. Bonner is a determined fighter. He will make it to the top. His general character will allow him to survive the grueling process that will transform him into a polished and skilled dancer. I will keep my eye on him and Sharna Burgess.

Bolton was very grateful for the great care he received from his doctors and nurses during his recovery. That poor boy fractured his C2 vertebrae. He landed on his head pretty darn hard. Which was basically the same thing that happened to Christopher Reeves, ‘Superman’ when he took a spill off his horse.


Bonner is extremely lucky to be alive. He was treated at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois. His doctor, Tandy Freeman, expected that Bonner would be ready to go back to his bull-riding career after a short 4 to 6 months. He returned to PBR and now he is miraculously dancing on ‘DWTS’. With his injury that is not an easy challenge to add to an already arduous career. Bonner was quoted giving thanks to God and all who were instrumental in getting him back on his feet.


“Praising God for the angels in my life and his hand that is guiding me to this moment in my life and seen me through when I thought my last moments (were) here on earth were Sunday at PBR Chicago,” Bolton wrote alongside a video of his injury. “With a broken neck, C2 fracture in my vertebrae, I was blessed to have the best doctors working on me this week and the best team of nurses anyone could ask for. It is been nothing but a life changer for the best for me and I know only good things will come from this.”


“DWTS”: Date Bonner Bolton?! Heck Yeah!!


I would be delighted if Sharna and Bolton Bonner found true romance. They look wonderful together. He is a great catch. He is charming and charismatic. I sure wouldn’t be throwing that fish back into the ocean.


Girl, you’re going to miss the train if you keep passing the good ones off to someone else.


Written by Susie

“Health is wealth” Susie






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